21 August 2011

Strudel Baron: Cakes and Pastries, Drummoyne (20 Aug 2011)

172 Victoria Road, Drummoyne NSW 2047

Tempting sugar hits to be had

On the way to a friends afternoon tea I picked up a Cheese and Cherry Strudel ($13, half log). The filling was quite nice and tasty but I was rather disappointed with the actual filo pastry. My childhood grew up with countless weekend strudels from the Gelato Bar in Bondi Beach which were a lot more crispy and flakey with slightly caramelised sugar to my knowledge and I found the Strudel Baron version much softer and less crispy. It also seemed to have a slightly doughy scent which made me think of it being a little undercooked. I'm no expert on strudels but I tend to prefer a crispy and flaky pastry. We also found at least three broken or whole bits of cherry pips inside which wasn't the best thing to find especially when serving to kids which made it particularly worrying, let alone the danger to cracking a tooth. On the other hand the Iced Palmier was very good. Pastry was buttery and flakey with an icing that wasn't overly sweet and balanced well. A perfect combination that I'd happily get again. There was plenty of other tempting choices which all looked fresh and good quality. There's some seating inside but when crowded it can feel a little claustrophobic in the tiny space.

PROS: Lots of tempting cake choices, Looks pretty fresh and good quality, Only 3% fat in the filo pastry (but watch out for how much sugar), Friendly service
CONS: Strudel pastry wasn't as flakey and crispy as hoped, Found bits of cherry pip, Limited and crowded seating, Located on a very busy road so stopping and parking can be a bit challenging
MUST TRY: Iced Palmier, Other cakes next time

Cheese and cherry strudel ($13, half log)

Packaging and serving suggestions

Tempting counter display

Iced Palmier

Lots of cake and pastry choices

Featured in The Foodies Guide

Limited seating inside

A bit of crooked wall decorations

Open for strudel


Mary @ ohmykitchenaid said...

selection looks pretty extensive, which is a huge "plus" in my book :) shame about the cherry pips though.. cheese and cherry sounds like a wonderful combination!

Madam Wu said...

Wow! I can't believe how low in fat it was too! Even I would eat that. Cherry rocks!

Cindy said...

omg thanks for this post! Can't wait to try, I love strudels! Tried baking apple strudel awhile back, still lots of improvements.


Dressed and Eaten said...

I love cherry and cheese strudels! Pity about the pastry and the pips. Love that it says no fat content but of course it's loaded with sugar. Notwithstanding, I still want to try one! :)

Vivian - vxdollface said...

the cakes look good, shame about the strudel though :/

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