08 March 2012

Malaysian Dish: Hainanese Chicken Rice

Searching for Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice is a simple plated dish and if done well can be a very comforting meal to enjoy. Even though it looks simple many factors can make it a bad one. The most common problem is the chicken being too dry. The rice might not be well-flavoured, the ginger and chilli dips might be tasteless and the soup might be too watery and bland. If served on the bone you can get bits of bone shards in the meat depending on how they've cut it. You usually can choose the thigh or breast. The thigh tends to be more moist but also usually comes on the bone while the breast is served boneless. My dad is from Seremban in Malaysia and in April 2007 we visited his favourite chicken rice restaurant called Restoran Chai Hong (see below). He said it's been there for years since growing up as a kid and the lady chef was so particular about the cutting and presentation of the chicken that she never let her husband to do. This is the chicken rice dish I probably compare to all others I try. It was served boneless which I prefer and the meat was silky moist and juicy.

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May’s Laksa House
North Sydney (28 Apr 2011)

Singapore Shiok!*
Haymarket, Sydney (29 Sept 2010)

Malacca Straits
Broadway (23 Jan 2010)

Yummy Cuisine
Martin Place, Sydney (20 Jan 2010)

Laksa House
CBD Sydney (24 Sept 2009)

Laksa King
CBD Sydney (16 Sept 2009)

Malaysian Food House
CBD Sydney (18 August 2009)


Malay-Chinese Takeaway
CBD Sydney (6 August 2009)

Mc Lucksa

Restoran Chai Hong
Seremban, Malaysian (13 April 2007)
No.50, Jalan Kapitan Tam Yeong, 70000, Seremban



Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

That's one heck of a lot of chicken rice...! Looks like there's a lot more around Sydney I need to try ;)

Simon Leong said...

hi tina, i think this is still just the tip of the ice berg or char kway teow berg for that matter :-)

Row said...

Oh man, I'm really craving chicken rice now. Such yummy pictures. :) and :S

Selina said...

Hey there!

Think you missed one of the best in Sydney - at Temasek!! My review here http://suburbaneatz.com/temasek-parramatta/ Let me know when you think if you do get a chance to try it :)

Simon Leong said...

hi row, and many more pictures to hopefully come.

hi selina, i've been to Temasek many years ago before I started the blog so I'll have to definitely return to add to the list. thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Hey Simon,

There is a new kid on the block Fat Bird Express. Apparently they serve very nice Hainanese Chicken Rice. Go and check it out. Its at Dixon Food Court China Town

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, thanks for the tip off. on my list now. if you let me know your name i can credit you if i go and review :-)

David C said...

It's a long way to go however if you are ever in Perth Simon, you must try Tak Chee House in Northbridge for their HCR...it's a must :)

Simon Leong said...

hi david c, thanks for the tip. i'll be sure to check out if i'm ever in Perth.

bob @ jugernauts said...

how many years ago was that second last pic? you look so much smaller ;) This page is useful! Heh

Simon Leong said...

hi bob, that was taken in 2007 so 6 years ago. yep, i used to have a chin back then ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh! A chicken rice post, and 2 of your favs are mine as well! I really really like Shiok and the one at Malacca Straits. (Shiok is currently the front runner for me)

Have you tried paparich? I had it when I was in melb and I quite like it.


Simon Leong said...

hi charlene aus2usa, i think i've had them all :-) — i still prefer shiok over paparich although i'm not a huge fan of the side soup they give at shiok which i find too peppery and would rather a normal short soup. petaling st are good too. temasek got the award for the favourite chicken rice in the bloggers choice awards so i'll have to revisit again as its been a long time since i've had it. http://simonfoodfavourites.blogspot.com.au/2013/12/inaugural-sydney-food-bloggers-choice.html

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