20 September 2011

Josophan's Fine Chocolates, Leura (18 Sept 2011)

132 Leura Mall, Leura NSW 2780

Fresh air & fine chocolates

For lovers of quality chocolates you’ll probably be drawn to Josophan’s like bears to honey if you’re visiting Leura in the Blue Mountains. The last time I visited Leura was many years ago and it’s amazing to see how fancy some of the shops are now. Nice products but also I guess some nice prices too. It’s become like the Double Bay of the Blue Mountains. Although I’m sure there’s still some bargains to be had. I was hoping for cherry liqueur chocolates with the stem attached which tend to be my favourite but none to be seen on this weekend visit. Instead opting for the individual chocolates of Cointreau, Honey & Saffron, Blueberry Pyramid and Honey & Lavender ($1.75 each). They were all pretty good and you could appreciate the distinct yet subtle flavours of each one as described. For something with a little bit of a palate kick check out their Mango Chilli chocolate which they were serving little samples on the counter at the time I visited.

PROS: Specialising in quality handcrafted chocolates without the use of artificial flavours or preservatives, Prices are marked which I prefer over being charging by weight so you know what you’ll be hit up for, Service seemed friendly and helpful
CONS: Because they’re fresh it's apparently best eaten within 7 days of purchase although I doubt they’d actually last 7 minutes, Seconds on the lips years on the hips — but it’s quality over quantity
MUST TRY: Visiting again when I’m in Leura

Cointreau, Honey & Saffron, Blueberry Pyramid, Honey & Lavender ($1.75 each)

Honey & Saffron ($1.75)

Cointreau ($1.75)

Packaging of chocolate coconut roughs

Shop interior

Shopfront window display

Signage and article reference to SMH Good Living


Spencer said...

Wow! How good do they look? I wouldn't know whether to eat those chocolates or frame them!

MissPiggy said...

This shop is GREAT GREAT GREAT! At Easter we bought Easter Eggs here in the shape of fried eggs...

sugarpuffi said...

wow they have really pretty chocolates! will def give them a try

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