14 December 2011

'Tasting Australia' Sydney Launch at The Devonshire, Surry Hills (13 Dec 2011)

204 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Destination Adelaide for foodies

Thanks to Bianca Alosi from PEPR Publicity for inviting me to the Sydney launch held at The Devonshire for Tasting Australia 2012. The food festival sounds similar to Crave Sydney with a multitude of events and will be held in Adelaide between 26 April until 3 May 2012. The lively Ian Parmenter introduced the likes of Justin North (Quarter Twenty One), Jeremy Strode (Bistrode CBD), Sammy and Bella Jakubiak (My Kitchen Rules), Miguel Maestre (Celebrity Chef), Andre Ursini (Adelaide Masterchef contestant), Matthew Kemp (The Montpellier Public House) and Jeremy Bentley (The Devonshire). It sounded like the kids will be in for a real treat for those hoping to attend the Kids in the Kitchen event.

The Coffin Bay Oyster and Cider Beignet reminded me of my visit to Berowra Waters Inn. I don't mind cooked oysters when served this way although there's nothing quite like a freshly shucked oyster if you're a purist. The Jacobs Ladder with Crisp Onion Rings went down a treat. I was worried about the precariously balanced onion ring on top but I managed to eat without dropping it. Tender beef brisket was inside and made for quite a tasty and filling canapé. The King Prawns with Watercress Mayonnaise looked great although I wasn't quite used to the texture of the prawns which were confit cooked to apparently retain their protein. I think my preference is more grilled for whiter and firm textured meat rather than sashimi like. The two handed eating Barossa Valley Chicken and Pigs Trotter Pie was a hearty taster and the rich flavours of the Kedgeree of Lightly Smoked King George Whiting certainly helped line the stomach for any further drinking of the sponsored James Squire beers and Peter Lehmann wines.

Other visits to The Devonshire:
13 Dec 2011 - Tasting Australia Sydney Launch
26 July 2011 - Cloudy Bay Pinto Noir Duck Trail dinner

PROS: Lots of events on offer at Tasting Australia, Sounds like a great opportunity to meet celebrity chefs
CONS: You'll have to travel to Adelaide for the festival
MUST TRY: Revisiting The Devonshire to try the normal menu

Coffin Bay Oyster and Cider Beignet

Jacobs Ladder with Crisp Onion Rings

Kings Prawns with Watercress Mayonnaise

Wild Boar Pork Pie

Kedgeree of Lightly Smoked King George Whiting

Barossa Valley Chicken and Pigs Trotter Pie

Peter Lehmann wines

James Squire beers

Chef Matthew Kemp

Chefs in the kitchen

Speech time

Loving the tea cups

Glasses and kitchen pass

One of the nicest unisex toilets you'll ever find in a restaurant

Wooden spoons for all


chocolatesuze said...

bahahhaa oh dear @ that photo of us! lols but oh man how awesome was the pig trotter pie!

Madam Wu said...

Amazing looking food, especially those oysters which I normally prefer raw and the kedgeree.

Ramen Raff said...

The pig trotter pie was awesome! Had 2 servings lol The Jacob's ladder was really good too! Our photo! Teehee!!!

Simon Leong said...

hi suze, my camera lens is way too close for one-armed bandit photos that's for sure

hi madam wu, i think i prefer freshly shucked oysters too. the way mother nature intended them to be eaten :-)

hi ramen raff, i much preferred the Jacob's ladder over the pig trotter. I'm more a fan of the meaty part of an animal.

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