07 December 2011

Port D'Anvers: Chocolate Café Launch with Miss Universe Australia, Haymarket (6 Dec 2011)

22-25 Dixon Street, Haymarket NSW 2000

Celebrating Aussie sweetness

At first I wasn't quite sure what a Belgian chocolatier, Miss Universe Australia, UGG boots, a Lion Dance and a Souvenir Shop all had in common but finally discovered it was a celebration of all things Australian (except the Lion Dance). Thanks to Igor Van Gerwen for inviting me to the launch of his new chocolate cafe located inside the Harbour City Group two level souvenir shop in the heart of Chinatown. Probably the first launch I've ever been to where no alcohol was served but the abundance of chocolates, Parker's Organic Juices, Brasserie Bread cakes and the easy-on-the-eye Miss Universe models certainly provided enough distraction and sent me into a sugar overload topped up with a hot chocolate to wash it all down. I loved the illustrative menu where it's noted all hot drinks are served with a complimentary chocolate. Now that sounds like a pretty good deal for only $3.80 to come back to. Lyndey Milan did a wonderful job in eventually rounding up the guests and keeping the momentum going for the launch while introducing the official speakers. The chocolates I managed to try were enjoyable and the Green Tea & Ginger one was most memorable. If I'm ever in the market for some Crocodile, Beef, Emu or Kangaroo Jerky I'll certainly know where to visit along with Duck Creek Macadamias I spotted on the shelves. I'm not sure about the bottled Tasmanian Rain Water but apparently the bottle says it's 'captured from the purest skies on Earth' — I'm sure the Swiss might have something to say about that.

PROS: All hot drinks are served with a complimentary chocolate, Quality chocolates, If you're looking for a touristy Aussie gift then you'll probably find it here
CONS: If you're not a fan of UGG boots then beware as you enter
MUST TRY: Revisiting to try the Chococcino Marocchino

Miss Universe Australia Scherri-lee Biggs and her Miss Universe contestant entourage sporting Shearers UGGs — If my legs looked this good I'd probably get away with wearing them too

Scherri-lee Biggs and me showing the guests how to crack a paparazzi smile

Official speakers and Parker's Organic Juice stand

Cutting the red ribbon to officially open the chocolate café

Lion dance

Speech time

Igor Van Gerwen (left) and Alpha (right) who was responsible for illustrating the menu boards

Cafe service counter

Menu board

Sweet treats

If you hate Sydney rain water then perhaps check out the Tasmanian Rain water

Cakes from Brasserie Bread, Fudge from Anvers and cute chocolate kangaroos and koalas for the kids

Jerky anyone?

Downstairs shopping level

Upstairs shopping level

Australian merchandise

UGGs on display

Official Harbour City Group photographer — I think?

Goodie bag — some Anvers chocolates to enjoy

Flowers for opening launch


OohLookBel said...

Wow, UGG boots now come with heels! The shop looks good, too. Will check it out next time when in the neighbourhood for Gumshara ramen.

Ramen Raff said...

I could use some of those sweet treats & coffee right now!

Dolly said...

i agreee if my legs were nice ... mmmh uggs.. must say they totally suit this weather!

nice pic!!!

Igor Van Gerwen said...

Thanks Simon and to everyone for all the comments. I would suggest Port D'Anvers is the best place on earth, but then my credibility might be questioned as there is a "small" conflict of interest.
All i can suggest to those who haven't been yet:CHECK IT OUT!!! Regards, Igor (Chocolatier - Anvers Confectionery Tasmania)

Simon Leong said...

hi bel, in the same building as gumshara. that's a place i haven't been back to for ages.

hi ramen, quite a fair amount of choice for sweets too

hi dolly, i guess it's a very Australian footwear product

hi igor, i've tried those Chocolates Truffles now from the goodie bag and i must say they were pretty damn good and i'm usually not a huge fan of choc truffles.

penny aka jeroxie said...

OMG... I wish I have those legs to wear UGG boots too.

Simon Leong said...

hi penny, me too hehe :-)

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