05 December 2011

Taste testing Darren Simpson's Signature Burger at KFC vs McDonald's Chicken Scorcher Burger, Narellan (3 Dec 2011)

3 George Hunter Drive, Narellan NSW 2567

Something different to compare

After checking out the new Masters Home Improvement centre far out west in Gregory Hills, which was pretty impressive, I passed by Narellan on the way back for a quick and easy snack with the family. Stopping at McDonald's I was hoping to have a McFeast but soon learnt they've discontinued it again — you shall be missed. I tried the McDonald's Chicken Scorcher Burger ($4.95) for the first time which strangely came in a McFeast burger box. The sauce was a little spicy or possibly it was from the coating of the chicken. Not too messy to eat but it was just a simple burger of chicken, lettuce and sauce. Realising McDonald's was not the home of Darren Simpson's new burger I ventured literally next door to KFC to try the Signature Range Chilli Relish & Cheddar Chicken Burger ($6.95). Looking nothing like the creation on the advertising posters it was served perhaps a little poorly presented and much smaller than I was expecting. The layering of the ingredients compared to the promotional images was very different as well.

The bun was soft and the chilli relish had a pretty decent kick to it. I'm not sure why a 'top restaurant chef of UK and Australia' would be needed to design a burger that simply had cheese, lettuce, roasted capsicum, chilli relish and chicken strips in it but perhaps the endorsement of the burger will win sales — it certainly worked on me and I haven't been in a KFC store for probably over 10-15 years. Would I have it again? Possibly not but if I was out on the road and hungry and came across a KFC I might possibly consider it because it tasted healthier than just having fried chicken and the flavours were nice enough. I found it a bit messy to eat as I picked it up and had ingredients fall out easily. A common factor I found with the Narellan McDonald's and KFC stores when I visited was the dining room bins were visibly overflowing and should have been emptied and most of the tables in KFC weren't particularly clean and it wasn't busy. If I was doing a QSCV (Quality, Service, Cleanliness & Value) rating they would have been lowly marked in this area.

McDonald's Chicken Scorcher Burger ($4.95)

Outside McDonald's Narellan

KFC Signature Range Chilli Relish & Cheddar Chicken Burger ($6.95)

Two chicken strips coated with chilli relish

Layering of the ingredients was a little all over the place. The capsicum was falling out from the sides a bit too easily due to being quite small pieces.

I found it a bit messy to eat

Outside KFC Narellan

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joey@FoodiePop said...

I don't understand the chef's input either but I guess it's the name on the burger, not that he's anyone super-famous or anything. Looks okay but I guess it's one of those try-once burgers and nothing more.

Vivian - vxdollface said...

wow both burgers look appalling O_O the maccas scorcher looks like two buns & chicken.. looks dry.
kfc chicken strips looks dry too :/ and yeah nothing like the image!

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, for me it's a try-once thing as i don't eat at KFC these days although I used to love it when i was a kid. those buttered corn cobs were one of my favourite.

hi vivian, they actually weren't too dry. the KFC burger faired better in terms of tasting a bit more real and less processed.

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