21 January 2012

Product Sample: Chobani Greek Yoghurt (20 Jan 2012)

Greek culture from the USA

Thanks to Emily Schildt (Chobani) and Laura Krusza (Fleishman-Hillard) for sending me a few samples of the Chobani Greek Yoghurt range to try. With nearly 400K likes on Facebook it certainly seems to already be a very popular yoghurt in the USA. It's definitely more creamy than the usual yoghurts I get from the supermarket and it's nice to see it has real fruit inside. I believe there are a few Australian and New Zealand packaged yoghurts that also include real fruit so Chobani will be up against some existing competition I suspect to try and crack the market. For me I sort of like seeing the fruit through a clear container rather than being hidden inside the packaging so I know where to dip my spoon to get at the tasty bits. I'm still in two minds if I like the creamier and thicker texture to what I'm used to eating. I'd generally use Greek yoghurt to make tzatziki but not generally eat on its own. The fruit does tend to help break down the creaminess, especially if you mix it all up from the bottom.

PROS: Only natural ingredients, No preservatives, No artificial flavours, Apparently twice the protein of regular yoghurts, Low in fat, So far available in NSW Woolworths
CONS: Made in the US instead of Australia, Can it also be organic? I don't think all flavours are available in Australia?
MUST TRY: Other flavours to work out which one I prefer — The VerryBerry sounds like it might be my preferred one to try with raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.

Chobani Greek Yoghurt samples

Passion Fruit or Passionfruit in Australia — seeds included which I don't mind



Blueberry — fruit is down the bottom

No artificial sweeteners and preservatives

Around 10% sugar although less than 2% fat and high in protein


Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

We have so many yoghurts manufactured in Australia, sorry won't even bother trying this. Very in to supporting our dairy farmers. With nearly half of our food industry owned by foreign investment the last thing I am going to buy is a foreign owned foreign made dairy product.

Great review Simon, only flavour I haven't seen in Aus is the pineapple.

Elle said...

Totally agree with Sara. I tried Chobani yoghurt without knowing it was from the USA. It was very nice, but we make just as delicious dairy produce here in our own country! For a better Aussie-owned and produced yogurt, try Black Swan vanilla bean greek yogurt, I got mine at Woollies but haven't seen it in other stores.

Your review is great though, I agree with liking to be able to see the fruit in a clear or frosted container. Great write-up Simon! :D

gummi baby said...

Much as I also prefer to support Australian-made, I also tried this yoghurt and find it less tart than a lot of the other yoghurts I've tried and I love the thicker consistency. I don't eat a lot of yoghurt but I might have to indulge in this one every now and then. (Hopefully the fact that I buy a lot of other Australian made milk, butter and cream will help make up for this one discrepancy. : ) )

Miss Kimbers said...

I agree with the girls above. There are lots of tasty organic yogurts produced in Australia. Paris Creek would be my favourite, though not sure if you can buy it outside of SA.

Though I then realised that my yogurt addiction was making me broke. I actually made an Excel table to see how much I was spending! Far too much. I now make my own yogurt and it tastes better than any supermarket yogurt. Plus, it costs less than $1 per litre to make. Yay!

Simon Leong said...

hi sara, if you find a local product that your happy with then all the better I say. I reckon Australia should have a Banana flavoured yoghurt since we grow our own bananas.

hi elle, thanks for the yoghurt recommendation. I'll have to look out for it.

hi gummi baby, i wonder if Chobani will set up a factory in Australia to use Australian products one day

hi miss kimbers, i'll have to look out for Paris Creek. it doesn't sound familiar to me but their website lists a few NSW contacts. making your own must be the cheapest and best way for sure.

Olga K said...

Hey Simon, the Verry Berry flavour is not available in Australia (as always, we get much more limited choices here). I love this yogurt and I don't care where it is made as long as it brings some variety into what I buy and eat. Really hope they bring in more flavours!

Simon Leong said...

hi Olga K, that's ashame about the Verry Berry. i'm always looking for a good mixed berry yoghurt.

Emily, Chobani Greek Yogurt said...

Hi, friends! Emily from Chobani here. Thank you all for your honest feedback. We truly appreciate it!

We're excited to produce locally and are in the process of making the investment now. This means not only more Australian jobs (hooray!), but more support to farmers too. Each cup of Chobani uses twice the milk of regular yogurt, bringing consistent, long term business.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on our local production. Thanks again!

Simon Leong said...

hi emily, that's great to hear there's plans to produce in Australia. this will help to tick the carbon points. any plans for an organic version as well?

Emily said...

Hi, Simon! While Chobani is made using only natural ingredients, we don't currently have plans for an organic range.

Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

Hey Emily, that is really great to hear that Chobani is planning to manufacture on Aussie shores. If that was the case I would be more than happy to give it a go.

Simon, I agree with your banana yoghurt flavour idea :)

Emily, Chobani said...

Hi, Sara! Great to hear. Stay tuned for the announcement regarding our manufacturing facilities. We're absolutely thrilled to be able to produce locally.

And we'll continue to churn out creative flavors... Keep the ideas coming!

Emily, Chobani

Makovitza said...

PLEASE consider an organic range! It's a real hole in the market. There is not a single plain, organic, greek yoghurt on the shelves at any of the major supermarkets...

Simon Leong said...

hi makovitza, i thought i've seen something in Woolworths? i'm wondering if they sell Barambah? http://simonfoodfavourites.blogspot.com.au/2010/12/barambah-organics-bush-honey-yoghurt-21.html or something similar. will have to check.

Damien, Chobani addict said...

This is particularly for Emily:

I worship the Chobani Yogurt, I think I account for at least 50% of your sales so far. I've actually taken a drive to at least 3 different Woolies to find different flavours.

So far, I'm nuts for the peach and the mango, however I tasted the apple cinnamon in the states and must get my fix!

Any (even the slightest clue) about which flavours will come next and when we'll see it in stores other than woolies?

For all those who were hating on Chobs earlier...give it a rest - its the best yogurt in the world. end of story

Elle said...

Damien, we're not "hating" on Chobani, just expressing enthusiasm for locally produced and owned dairy products over those imported from the US! We have a great dairy industry here, that produce great yogurt - why not support local farmers?

I have eaten a Chobani yogurt, and it was yummy, but personally, I prefer to keep my $$ in Australia where possible.

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