18 January 2012

Revolver Café: Café, Annandale (13 Aug 2011)

291 Annandale Street, Annandale NSW 2038
Phone: (02) 9555 4727

Brunching with the locals

“Our aim was to create a space that was like no other. To offer more than your typical cafe style food and coffee. To create a space that was in every inch and detail in some way a piece of me and what I love and to bring it all together in a timeless warm environment that makes people feel like they are at home not at a cold or clinical cafe.”

A casual brunch catchup with friends organised by Madam Wu from Music Munchies Review brings me to the popular Revolver Café nestled in the leafy suburb of Annandale. I was happy about all the free street parking in the area and the cafe seemed to have a nice community local feel. The decor was interesting and homely and the service friendly even though being very busy. The down-to-earth owner Rodney Jones was on service organising tables for customers and seemed to keep his cool and smile even under pressure. The Coffee ($3.20) and House made spiced chai ($4) were pretty good and the refreshing Watermelon and passionfruit juice ($5.50) was a nice combination — I wished the chai was bigger though. All the dishes ordered seemed quite reasonably priced for the quality.

The Lemon myrtle cured, house smoked ocean trout on sweet corn rosti ($15.50) flavours were enjoyed along with the Scrambled eggs, roast tomato, avocado & danish fetta & toast ($14.5). My Ricotta hotcakes with berry compote & maple ricotta ($14.50) were nice and plump in size although I had dish envy as I gazed at the Revolver Big Brekkie ($16.50) which came with everything you'd want to fill an empty stomach including crispy bacon. Perhaps throw a hash brown in there like Baffi & Mo to make it even more awesome. Chefs Eliot Richy and Rebecca Chippington seem to be doing a great job in their tiny open kitchen space and if you're interested learning more about the making of the Revolver Café then check out the Journey album floating around for some historic photos and newspaper clippings of how it came to be. There definitely seems to be a bit of heart and soul about the place that keeps the locals coming back for more, I certainly can't wait to return.

PROS: Friendly service, Interesting decor, Lots of street parking, Tasty dishes, Pretty good coffee, Prices seem reasonable for the quality
CONS: Expect to wait for a table when busy, Limited space on the small tables
MUST TRY: Revolver Big Breakie if you're hungry
DAMAGE: $76.90 for four

Coffee ($3.20), House made spiced chai ($4)

Watermelon and passionfruit juice ($5.50), Coffee ($3.20)

Lemon myrtle cured, house smoked ocean trout on sweet corn rosti with chilli capsicum relish & avocado ($15.50)

Scrambled eggs, roast tomato, avocado & danish fetta & toast ($14.5)

Revolver Big Breakie: Two eggs baked in our housemade beans, honey cured bacon, roast tomato, mushrooms, pork fennel sausage & toast ($16.50)

Ricotta hotcakes with berry compote & maple ricotta ($14.50)

Whoopsy daisy — that's what happens when you try and share some of the hotcakes

Table water, Bill $76.90 for four people

Chefs Eliot Richy and Rebecca Chippington — amazing what they achieve in such a small kitchen

Homely decor

Lots of tempting cakes on display

Decor and cutlery

Framed saucepan and retro salt and pepper shakers

Every café should have a mantlepiece for the crystal ware

Fireplace inside and community notice board outside

Cute tea cups

Toilet decor and window

Journey album

It's all in the name

Owner Rod Jones (right) greets one of his favourite customers

Dog friendly (outside)


Mish Ate said...

Great post Simon! I've wanted to check this place out for a while but now i think it will need to be sooner rather than later. Love the photos too, especially of the Revolver Big Breakie. Yum!

Richard Elliot said...

Revolver is a great cafe. I've been there twice (once for lunch and the other time for brekkie) and haven't been disappointed either time.

Friendly service, good food, fair prices and a healthy dollop of style.

Madam Wu said...

I forgot how awesome breakfast was there and how unique the dishes are. It's time to go back! The hotcake and ricotta in the waterglass made me laugh too.

Ashley said...

Aww, cute space! And all that BACON on the big breakkie! Looks luscious! :)

Row said...

Sign me up for the Revolver Big Breakie... delicious!!!

penny aka jeroxie said...

I like the big brekkie or anything bacon.

Miss Kimbers said...

Nice peice and nice food. Looks tasty and filling:)

Miss Kimbers said...

A lovely blog you have here Simon. I've been looking around and have been having a nice time:)

Simon Leong said...

hi mish ate, hope you get to try soon. let me know what you end up having.

hi richard, sounds like a recipe for success

hi madam wu, lesson of the day, make sure you give your friend the plate to try the hotcakes rather than share some via a fork :-)

hi ashley, definitely for the bacon lover

hi row, i'd get it next time all for myself

hi penny, it's funny how so many people a bacon crazy

hi miss kimbers, glad you've enjoyed checking out my blog. make sure you let me know your recommendations as well.

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