06 January 2012

A Fish Called Coogee: Seafood, Coogee (2 Jan 2012)

229 Coogee Bay Road, Coogee NSW 2034

Something fishy in Coogee

It's quite unusual for me to have fish n chips twice in a row after New Years Day but the good weather brought me down to Coogee Beach to get some extra vitamin D. The popular A Fish Called Coogee was certainly packed to the rafters and seating was at a premium but I always prefer sitting closer to the beach anyway. My Fish Burger ($7) had a super soft bun, maybe a little too soft if that's possible but at least it was fresh. It was quite nice although I probably would have preferred a slice of tomato rather than the sun-dried tomato. It came with a fair dollop of sauce which thankfully held up OK without making the bun too soggy although eat quickly is my best advice. Small Chips ($4) were hot and crisp although I would have expected the hand cut chips to look a bit more rustic and irregular in shape like The Battery used to serve up. Atlantic Salmon ($21.45) comes at a premium price of $55 per kg but is cooked well and served about medium rare to retain some moisture inside. It looks a little lonely on its own and perhaps would be better value if served with a side salad or some chips. The basic Salad ($6.90) is fairly fresh with a tasty dressing and comes with sun-dried tomato which I guess will last longer than normal tomatoes. They only accept cash and it can get pretty noisy when busy with the open kitchen right next to the indoor seating which looks very cosy ie squashy.

PROS: Decent menu variety, Fish cooked quite well, Some reasonably priced items on the menu, Fairly close to beach, Environmental packaging
CONS: Premium price for just fish, Limited seating, Can get noisy and hot being close to kitchen, Cash only
MUST TRY: Other menu items next time
BABY ON BOARD: Seating inside too crowded and cramped for a pram, Go for an end seat outside for better luck or better still head to the beach

Planet safe plastic bag for take away

Fish Burger ($7)

Small Chips ($4)

Atlantic Salmon grilled medium rare ($21.45) - flavoursome and cooked well although perhaps expensive at $55 per kg with nothing included

Salad ($6.90)

Bill $39.35 for two

Outside seating

Shop not too far from the beach

Shop front

Coogee beach nearby

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joey@FoodiePop said...

$55/kg salmon? Sounds very exxy.

Craig @ Damn Fine Food said...

Cute name for a restaurant.

Fish looks good, especially the fish burger. Haven't had a fish burger in years!

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, thankfully they knew how to cook it well but at a price.

hi craig, i'm always on the look out for a good cheap fish burger.

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