03 February 2012

Slip Inn: Tapas at a Sydney Bloggers Network Meetup, CBD Sydney (2 Feb 2012)

111 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Google surprise at Meetup

“Feb 9-16 Is New York Fashion Week, which kicks off the 2012 Fall Season and is followed by Fashion Week in London, Milan and Paris. Bloggers interested in Fashion blogging, styling, fashion photography: show us what you’re up to!”

A casual Meetup named 'It’s Fashion Week Somewhere!' organised by Jordan from Sydney Bloggers Network brings me down to Slip Inn on a rainy night in the hope of learning something about fashion photography. Apart from food blogging I also have a passion for fashion, burlesque and modeling events which I share on Simon Leong Design, which should probably be renamed Simon Leong Photography. I find these type of events very challenging to photograph because lighting is usually varied and the subject can be moving quickly and be very unpredictable. It definitely helps me to learn more about using my camera and I enjoy the challenge of capturing the moment. To help share this with the group I printed out a selection of photos and passed them around the table. Unfortunately I seemed to be the only one that had actually prepared something to show but it was nice to meet new people and find out what blogs they had and what they were passionate about.

A late surprise attendance by two ladies (Inci and Lisa) that work for Google Blogger was very much welcomed and enjoyed by the group. Apparently visiting from Silicon Valley and wanting to meetup with bloggers they welcomed enthusiastic questions and shared as much information as their knowledge could muster. I wanted to know why my blog automatically had 'au' added to the end now and mentioned that my 'quick edit button' function has recently disappeared on my blog and I have formatting troubles when I use the multiple image uploader rather than using the basic single image uploader.

For dinner I tried the tapas menu (3 tapas for $21) which seems to be a new addition to Slip Inn offerings. The Tempura prawns with a wasabi mayo dipping sauce (3 tapas for $21) was worth trying for the fairly decent sized prawns coated in a light and crispy batter. I couldn't really taste the wasabi in the dipping sauce though. The Pork and mushroom tofu skin spring rolls with a spicy miso dipping sauce was a small portion and not as crispy as hoped which made it a bit of disappointment. I was hoping for maybe three crispy fried and tasty spring rolls and the menu did say 'rolls' not 'roll'. The Spicy pork and spinach, steamed dumplings with a soy ginger dipping sauce were OK. Perhaps the pastry could be more silky and softer and the filling a bit more juicy for my liking but they were nice enough as a quick and easy snack.

PS. Also I must apologise if my breathe smelt like garlic and fish sauce as I had a Papaya Salad at lunch at SAAP Thai — I forgot to prewarn everyone.

PROS: Get to meet different people and learn new things at meetups, A good opportunity to show & tell and networking with like minded people
CONS: You're never too sure who you might meet and if you're going to get along with them, The venue was very noisy so not the best place to be able to talk and hear other people
MUST TRY: Going along to other Meetups that sound interesting if I have time

Tempura prawns with a wasabi mayo dipping sauce (3 tapas for $21)

Pork and mushroom tofu skin spring rolls with a spicy miso dipping sauce (3 tapas for $21)

Spicy pork and spinach, Steamed dumplings with a soy ginger dipping sauce (3 tapas for $21)

The Meetup attendees (plus Lather Rinse Repeat had to leave early)

Organiser Jordan (centre) and the Google Blogger Girls Inci (left) and Lisa (right)


Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

Looks like it was a great meetup. Was a shame I had to miss it last moment. Hope to see you at some more of the Simon :)

Food is our religion said...

Love the Google Blogger girls! So envious of their jobs!

Simon Leong said...

hi sara, hope to see you at the next one if I can make it.

hi Food is our religion, they've got it made for sure I reckon. would love to visit their Sydney office. i wonder if it's like this at all http://www.hoax-slayer.com/google-office-photographs.shtml

JJ @ 84thand3rd said...

The Sydney office isn't quite as fantastic but the cafeteria is identical (!) and lots of break-out areas, albeit no ski lift gondolas ;)

Simon Leong said...

hi jj, hopefully good food in the cafeteria too

restaurant system said...

Gosh! Tapas are one of the most delicious delicacies in the world. It's really good it was one of the food served in the meetup.

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