13 April 2012

Uno Espresso: $2 Happy Hour Coffee, CBD Sydney (30 Mar 2012)

60 Park Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Caffeine hit for a bargain price

Thanks to Tony Hollingsworth for the Happy Hour tip at Uno Espresso between 2-3 pm. I'm actually not a huge coffee drinker but I'm always up for a bargain. My cappuccino ($2 small) was pretty good which I ordered without sugar to put it to the test. Hardly any bitterness although could have been a bit more milky and creamier for my liking as it was slightly watery but still very acceptable. The Barista was friendly and efficient and their menu is quite basic but seems reasonably priced for a quick bite or drink. There's not much seating inside but probably fine for a quick bite and sit down for your coffee. The only other place I can think of with a $2 coffee is Espresso on York which is the same price all day. They're probably close enough to do a taste test one day to compare them both.

PROS: Very cheap, Pretty decent coffee, Efficient service
CONS: Only available 2-3 pm, Limited seating and menu choices
MUST TRY: Their hot chocolate and mocha next time

Happy Hour 2-3 pm

Large Flat White ($2.50 Happy Hour), Regular Cappuccino ($2 Happy Hour)

Friendly and efficient barista

Limited menu but seems reasonably priced

Tempting Monster Cookies

Milk on standby

Service counter

Limited seating inside

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