06 April 2012

Hendrick's Gin presents The Theatre of Curiosities at Slide, Darlinghurst (4 Apr 2012)

41 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Extreme cucumber & rose loving

‘A night of most unusual, curious, and inspired oddities and humours one could bare in a single evening.’

Thanks to Cida Wen from William Grant & Sons Australia for inviting me to this free fun-filled Facebook fans event by The Cucumber and Rose Society. I'm a fan of Hendrick's Gin and also cabaret entertainment with a twist so I was interested to check it out. Two dwarves swinging long sized cucumbers and dancing stilt performers sure captured my curiosity to see more upon arrival. I could have happily stayed on the classic Hendrick's Gin & Tonic served with a slice of cucumber all night but I was also keen to try the other cocktails on offer. Blind Beggar Punch was being served in tea cups. Refreshing, sweet and easy to drink — what more could you ask for although I wasn't quite sure whether I was supposed to eat the big rose petal floating on top. I enjoyed the Hendrick's Elderflower Collins mixed with fresh pressed lemon juice, elderflower liqueur and soda and found more palatable than the Gold Rush Tea cocktail I once made using elderflower. The Henrick's Clover Club with fresh lemon juice, pasteurized egg whites and Crawley's raspberry syrup was no match for the lethal Hendrick's Gin Martinez that I'm sure knocked the socks off anyone who tried. Definitely one for the seasoned drinker — I managed to finish mine.

The quirky-style entertainment during the night included a Queen of Hearts MC, Kira Carden from Hu-La-La, a woman with a lust for pain and one freaking well-presented scary dude called The Space Cowboy who made everyone squirm with disbelief as he hung two heavy irons from his eye sockets, and swung them — OMFG — WTF! I seriously think the cocktails helped to open the mind and provide the courage to watch such unusual acts which the audience roared in delight and astonishment. Canapés were in plentiful supply including some tender and tasty lamb cutlets, mini crab meat brioche burgers and gin & tonic ice blocks made by Freshpops which even included a slice of cucumber. A gold sparkly cat-themed DJ kept the likable dance music pumping to the enjoyment of guests who I'm sure could only wish it was a Friday rather than school night to keep partying all night long.

PROS: Party atmosphere, Interesting cocktails made with Hendrick's Gin, Mind-blowing performances
CONS: The Space Cowboy was not for the faint-hearted, Such a shame the event was on a school night
MUST TRY: Checking out El'Circo for more unusual acts

Hendrick's Gin & Tonic served with a slice of cucumber

Blind Beggar Punch

300ml Raspberries puree
1 litre Hendrick's
1 litre Cranberry
350ml Gomme
7.5ml Rose water
350ml Lemon juice

Hendrick's Elderflower Collins: Hendrick's Gin mixed to perfection with fresh pressed lemon juice and elderflower liqueur served long over ice and charged with soda

45ml Hendricks Gin
15ml Saint Germain Elderflower Liquor
25ml Fresh lemon Juice
5ml Crawley Gomme Syrup
50 ml soda water from Gun
Shake all ingredients except soda pour over cubed ice top with soda
Garnish with cucumber spear and mint sprig

Henrick's Clover Club: Henrick's Gin shaken until ice cold and velvety with fresh lemon juice, pasteurized egg whites and Crawley's raspberry syrup served in a coupe

60ml Hendrick's
30ml Lemon juice
15ml Raspberry Syrup
15ml Pasteurized egg white
Add all ingredients over ice in shaker, shake vigorously then strain
Garnish with cucumber slice and rose petal

Hendrick's Gin Martinez: Hendrick's Gin stirred ice cold, with marascino, Carpano Antica and orange bitters served straight up with lemon oils and cucumber

20 ml Hendrick's
40 ml Carpano Antica formula
5ml Luxardo Marascino
3 drops fee brothers orange bitters
Stir all ingredients over cubed ice martini style, double strain and serve
Garnish lemon twist and cucumber slice

I wouldn't be caught dead with anything else but Hendrick's

Hendrick's decor

Drinks service

Mini crab meat brioche burgers — pretty tasty

Freshpops Gin & Tonic with slice of cucumber

Two dwarves holding cucumbers walked into a club ... BOOM! BOOM!

DJ — Meow!

Drink Hendrick's to rise above the crowd

Queen of Hearts MC

Kira Carden from Hu-La-La

The Space Cowboy — you are freaking scary dude but keep the good work up, or down your throat for that matter

Miss No Pain No Gain

Hendrick's tea for two

Hey girlfriend lets take a photo against this cool dance floor

I'll take a photo of you taking a photo of us

Hendrick's fans

Let's get this party started

Party lights

Official photographer and videographer

El'Circo: Theatre of the unexpected — 9 course degustation with 9 amazing circus acts for $99 every Saturday night

Slide — home of the flaming entrance

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SarahKate (Mi Casa-Su Casa) said...

An elderflower collins sounds dreamy! This post has some of your coolest pics ever!

Lola (Figs & Brie) said...

Hahahaha oh my goodness, fun night. Hendricks do know how to throw a party!

Simon Leong said...

hi sarah, and it sounds like a very easy cocktail to make as well. thanks for the positive feedback on the photos.

hi lola, and you know how to party too :-)

Richard Elliot said...

The free flowing gin, tasty canapes. good music and fun acts sure made for an enjoyable evening!

Simon Leong said...

hi richard, it certainly ticked all the boxes for a successful night.

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