16 April 2012

The Norfolk on Cleveland: Pub bistro, Redfern (1 Sept 2011, 14 Apr 2012)

305 Cleveland Street, Redfern NSW 2016

Tempting bar snacks menu

The Norfolk is probably one of those pubs you'd wish to have closer to home with such a tempting bar snacks menu and weekly specials for the budget conscious. The Spiced Norfolk Fries ($7.50) seem to be a reliable side to any drink. I'm sure they're pretty basic fries but it's the spices they add which make it something a bit more special for the taste buds. For those a little more adventurous the Deep-fried pickles with ranch dipping sauce ($7.50) are possibly an acquired taste. Moist on the inside with a crispy batter. I liked the Fried chicken wings ($12.50) and the BBQ'd sweet corn with chipotle mayo ($5.50) had a smokey char flavour and were quite tasty. The Beef soft shell taco ($5.50 each or 4 for $20) was OK but unfortunately the meat wasn't as finely shredded and moist as hoped and toppings were pretty plain flavoured. The Veg soft shell taco ($5.50 each or 4 for $20) wasn't liked with uninteresting and one dimensional flavour. Ribs and chips ($12 thursday night special) was a bargain although quite fatty and I'm not a fan of my chips getting soggy from the sauce.

A return visit for a friend's birthday brings me to the Trophy Room which is reserved just for the party. Being a saturday afternoon there's cocktail jugs for $30 which included a bar snack. The Endless English Summer ($30 jug) was quite refreshing but the alcohol was quite subtle for my taste considering there wasn't really much of a non-alcoholic mixer on the ingredients. The Bloody Mary menu took my interest to try the Bloody Asian ($15) served in a quirky tomato can with noticeable wasabi in the mix. I think I'll stick to the original Bloody Norf next time or a good Hendrick's Gin & Tonic ($10 each) which always hits the spot for me as a reliable thirst quencher. I hope to return again to eat my way through the bar snacks menu and try a few more of their cocktails.

Other visits to The Norfolk:
14 Apr 2012 / 1 Sept 2011 - Bar snacks, Tacos, Ribs, Jugs of cocktails, Bloody Asian
18 Mar 2011 - Tacos, Schnitzel, Fries, Chicken Caesar

PROS: Reasonably priced meals and weekly specials, Interesting menu and décor, Garden courtyard at rear, Trophy Room cosy for a private function
CONS: Can get very crowded and loud, Bloody Mary menu may possibly offend
MUST TRY: Deep-fried pickles at least once, Spiced Norfolk Fries, Fried chicken wings, Other bar snacks next time

Visited 1 Sept 2011
Lemon, Lime & Bitters — served in wrong glass (left) and correct glass (right), consistency from new bar staff required

Spiced Norfolk Fries ($7.50)

Potato skins with bacon, cheddar, ranch, scallions ($9) — tasty

Deep-fried pickles with ranch dipping sauce ($7.50) — moist on the inside, quite tasty, crispy batter, something a bit different

Fried chicken wings with hot sauce and red eye mayo ($12.50)

BBQ'd sweet corn with chipotle mayo, queso cheese and lime ($5.50) — smokey char flavour, quite tasty

Hot Toddy ($8) — wasn't particularly liked

Beef soft shell taco: Beef brisket, queso fresco, scallions & lime, salsa mojo ($5.50 each or 4 for $20) — was OK but meat not as finely shredded and moist as hoped, toppings were a bit one dimensional

Veg soft shell taco: Seasonal mushrooms, braised red cabbage, almond pico de gallo, pickled cucumber ($5.50 each or 4 for $20) — more like a vege wrap, flavours uninteresting and unfortunately one dimensional for me, very disappointing

Ribs and chips ($12 thursday night special) — quite substantial although ribs quite fatty, chips soaked in sauce on bottom, needed more char smokiness

7 hour lamb sandwich: Slow cooked lamb, caramelised onion jam, alfalfa magic, greens, sourdough bread ($17) — tender and tasty flavours

Hot sauce and pepper sauce table condiments for those who like it spicy

Bar snacks menu

What's On menu

Soft shell taco menu

Decor and seating

Visited 14 April 2012

Endless English Summer: Gin, St Germain, Passion Fruit Pulp, Cucumber, Topped with Processo ($30 jug, includes bar snack Sat 3-6 pm) — Quite refreshing but alcohol quite subtle for my taste

Hendrick's Gin & Tonic ($10 each)

Bloody Asian: Vodka, Wasabi Reduction, Lime Juice, Mary Mix, Tomato Juice, Cucumber, Sesame, Ginger ($15) — very strong on the wasabi, might stick to the normal version

Jugs & Snacks $30 Sat Arvo 3-6 pm

Bloody Marys menu

A bit of cheeky sporting pics

Everyone needs a little change — too funny

View to the Trophy Room — great spot for a private function

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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

The deep-fried pickles look interesting (and yum). If they could do a thin version and put it in a burger perhaps pickle-phobes might even like it!

SarahKate (Mi Casa-Su Casa) said...

Simon, I'm originally from Georgia in the southern part of the USA. Fried pickles are such a treat for us Southerners! I can't believe I didn't know there were fried pickles in Sydney. What's next... fried green tomatoes?? Love it!

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, that's sounds like a winner to me in the burger. perhaps they might try and do.

hi sarah, you'll have to try to compare to what you've had back home. i'd be interested to know. Jazz City Diner seems to have fried green tomatoes on their menu http://www.jazzcitydiner.com i'll have to try :-)

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