24 December 2012

Pre-Christmas midnight shopping at Sydney Fish Market, Pyrmont (24 Dec 2012)

Bank Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Seafood lovers Christmas

If you love your seafood then you'll certainly love visiting the Sydney Fish Market. I certainly do and over the last few years its become a family tradition to shop for the Christmas lunch during the 36 hour non-stop trading marathon. The first time I went at midnight I was surprised to find it was as busy as a normal weekend crowd and things haven't changed. The benefit of going in the middle of the night is that you'll still find free parking outside around Wentworth Park and there isn't as much traffic on the roads compared to the daytime. Oysters and prawns are always on the shopping list with sometimes lobster, mussels and Alaskan king crab. I usually buy my oysters from Nicholas Seafood Traders which is the first shop you pass opposite Blackwattle Deli. They supply the black plastic trays with your purchase which is handy for transporting the oysters safely. This year I noticed Doyle's at the Fish Market were shucking oysters to order and also supplying the black tray so thought I'd give them a go. They were more expensive at $18/dozen but at least I knew they were just shucked so they would be as fresh as possible for Christmas lunch. One year I need to learn how to shuck the oysters myself so they are super fresh on Christmas Day. I usually buy my prawns from Nicholas Seafood Traders as well. Their Gold Coast Tiger Prawns always look so super fresh.

PROS: Extensive variety of seafood from many different shops, Late night pre-Christmas trading, Large selection of oysters
CONS: Always crowded, Traffic can be busy during peak times, Limited free street parking close by, Seafood isn't cheap
MUST TRY: Learning how to store and shuck oysters
VERDICT: The Sydney Fish Market is a one stop market for fresh seafood
Sydney Rock Oysters from Port Stephens ($18/dozen) shucked to order at Doyle's

Looks like the same oyster opening system they use at The Morrison

Jumbo Cooked Black Tiger Prawns ($31.99/kg) — I'll have 25 please

These scampi looked very good — maybe next time

Plenty of lobster to choose from

Waterside Fruit Connection is a pretty good for fresh fruit and vegetables

Midnight dining for seafood lovers

Big delivery of fresh seafood arrives

Paid parking available onsite but gets full quickly

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Eha said...

Fantastic post: hope I may share with those peagreen with envy! Thank you and have a good one :) !

Christine @ Cooking Crusade said...

Thanks for the post Simon! I heard about the Fish Markets extended trading and wondered what it was all about - it looks great but I figured it was very crowded, but I love this concept of 36 hours of training hehe :)

Eccles said...

And I thought maybe I'd consider going next year after dark, but after seeing your video looks like the crowds don't let up!
Were you standing on a chair or something to shoot that video? ;)

Simon Leong said...

hi eha, have a good one too

hi christine, it's quite a surreal experience shopping at the fish markets in the middle of the night that's for sure

hi eccles, in the middle of the night is the quiet period too. i just held the camera above my head for the video. it's a Canon 60D with a swivel screen which makes it easy to see what you're shooting

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