26 March 2013

ChocolArts: Handcrafted Chocolates, The Rocks, Sydney (26 Mar 2013)

75 George Street, The Rocks NSW 2000

Handcrafted sugary delights

“At ChocolArts we believe that the best ingredients make the best chocolates. We use premium Belgian and French couverture chocolate and no artificial ingredients or preservatives. All our chocolates are handcrafted in true Artisan fashion using traditional European techniques.”

With Easter just around the corner ChocolArts in The Rocks will surely attract a few devoted chocolate lovers eager for handcrafted goodies. Where else can you get a Prince Charming chocolate frog, a Chocosaurus or Chocolate Stilletos in Sydney besides their Gladesville shop — although they do come at a special price for being unique. I chose to try the more affordable flavoured chocolates displayed in the long clear counter which runs the length of the shop. For seven chocolates is came to $8.15 which I thought was OK for such nice looking chocolates even though $110/kg does sound like a lot. Thankfully they don't way too much to be able to try a few flavours without breaking the bank too much. The Rose with rose flavoured ganache and the Orange with blood orange ganache and Cointreau  were my favourite out of the bunch. The Mint with fresh local garden mint infused ganache was also quite enjoyable as an alternative to others which can taste a bit artificial like minty toothpaste. Strawberry CreamPassionfruit and Pistaché also had distinctive flavours and a smooth texture on the palate. The Hazelnut Latte with Brazilian Coffee, Tia Maria and hazelnut praline was nice although I think could have been better if the hazelnut on top was more roasted or caramelised.

PROS: Nicely presented chocolates, Interesting and themed chocolates for something a bit different, Friendly and helpful service
CONS: Too easy to spend a lot in this shop if you love flavoured chocolates, Good quality chocolate doesn't come cheap
MUST TRY: Rose, Orange and revisiting to try other flavours
VERDICT: If you're looking for a special chocolate gift or simply love nice chocolates then this shop might be worth a visit
Rose: A light, rose flavoured ganache with a dark chocolate shell
Orange: A fruity blood orange ganache with Cointreau in a dark chocolate shell
Mint: Fresh, local garden mint infused ganache with a hint of thyme in a dark chocolate shell

Strawberry Cream: A strawberry cream ganache with Kirshe liqueur in a dark chocolate shell
Passionfruit: A punchy, passionfruit ganache in a white chocolate shell
Pistaché: A smooth pistachio and Grand Marnier layered ganache in a dark chocolate shell
Hazelnut Latte: A Brazilian Coffee, Tia Maria and hazelnut praline enrobed in a dark chocolate
Bill $8.15 for 7 chocolates weighed at $110/kg

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MoMo and Coco Dessert Correspondents said...

Oooh! Must visit when we are next in Sydney! By the way, apart from this place, are there any chocolate boutiques that you would recommend to us? Thank you kindly!

Simon Leong said...

hi momo and coco, i haven't been to many chocolate shops but i've passed by Bon Bon Fine Chocolate at Strand Arcade in the CBD and Kakawa Chocolates on William St, Darlinghurst.

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