20 July 2013

King Street Wharf Festival 2013, Sydney (19 July 2013)

The Promenade, King Street Wharf, Sydney NSW 2000

Food festival by the wharf

Thanks to Jess Guilfoyle from The PR Partnership for inviting me to the King St Wharf Festival (19 July – 25 July 2013) to sample a few dishes from the restaurant stalls set up along the promenade. Wharf stalls will be selling dishes for $5–$12 per plate for the first two days of the festival between 12 noon and 4 pm. I usually don't like buying dishes from food festival stalls because I've had my fair share of mediocre dishes cooked in makeshift kitchens but sometimes you hit a few gems. I chose my dishes very carefully by checking out all the stalls first to see what was on offer. I liked how all the stalls had a sample of their dishes on display which really helps if you're more a visual person like me. First up I knew I wanted to have the No. 1 special ($12, 2 pieces) from Kobe Jones because I've had these before in the restaurant which are priced at $22 on the a la carte menu. I saw a few already made up but I requested mine to be cooked to order which I think is important for this dish. It had good flavour and texture although I would have preferred to eat with chopsticks than the fork provided.

Next I tried the Petite steak ($12) from Steersons Steakhouse. It was petite in size but thankfully pretty tender and flavoursome. The tasty potato salad on the side was good and if the slices of meat were cut a bit thinner it would have been more elegant to eat without the aid of a knife to cut smaller pieces. There wasn't much salad on the side but a dash of vinaigrette to dress the piece of lettuce and sliced beetroot would have made it just a bit more interesting for the taste buds. The option of some red wine jus over the meat is a good choice to make. For dessert you only have two options from Vessel Italian & Bar and thankfully both were good. The small tub of Tiramisu ($5) had good flavour and an easy one to eat without the need to sit. The Ricotta filled cannoli ($5) was surprisingly very good with a light and delicate crisp casing filled with a tasty smooth creamed ricotta and noticeable vanilla bean throughout. Perhaps a little pricey just for one but it's quality rather than quantity. During my visit it was raining which means all the outdoor promenade seating becomes wet because they're not sheltered. Unfortunately one of the unpredictable pitfalls for outdoor festivals when Mother Nature gets involved.

PROS: Was lucky enough to pick dishes that I actually enjoyed, Near the water, A chance to meet some of the chefs from the restaurants, Free live music and entertainment planned
CONS: Weather permitting, No undercover seating if it rains, Stalls are set far apart so it's a bit of a walk to check them all out, Can get a bit pricey if you pick dishes that don't fill you up
MUST TRY: All the four dishes I had were enjoyable but I'd highly recommend the No. 1 special and Tiramisu as my first choices
VERDICT: Potentially an enjoyable and relaxed food festival event although be sure to go on a nice day as wet weather will make it awkward to eat without sheltered seating
Kobe Jones: No. 1 special ($12, 2 pieces) — good flavour, best cooked to order, served with a fork but chopsticks would probably have been more appropriate
Looks a bit like a dogs breakfast but tasted good

Would have preferred to use chopsticks to eat

Steersons Steakhouse: Petite steak ($12) — quite tender, flavoursome, tasty potato salad, would have preferred slices a bit thinner to make it easier to eat with the fork

Vessel Italian: Tiramisu ($5) — good flavour, easy to eat on the go

Vessel Italian: Ricotta filled cannoli ($5) — delicate thin crisp shell cooked well and enjoyable filling

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bob @ jugernauts said...

good one simon. Most of the food looks good and its shame about the rain but it did clear up! Today's sunny. Might drop by.

Unknown said...

the food from the steersons steakhouse stall was so delish! their pies were so filling!

Milktea Eats said...

im constantly missing out on all these food events due to work! argh! looks like you had a grreat time!

Simon Leong said...

hi bob, definitely a sunny day event

hi shanshan, glad you liked the steersons steakhouse too

hi amy, damn work :-)

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