16 August 2013

Adriano Zumbo Pâtissier at The Star: Maple Bacon Zonut & Zumbarons, Pyrmont (15 Aug 2013)

Shop 1, Cafe Court, The Star
80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009 (entry via Edward St)

Half Croissant, Half Doughnut

Ever since I first heard about the Cronut craze invented by Chef Dominique Ansel I was interested to try it. Although as there was no hope of visiting New York in the near future which would also include mega long queues each morning to be lucky enough to get one I needed to look closer to home for a cronut imitation. Adriano Zumbo is one of a few in Sydney that has jumped on the bandwagon and with his legendary status has attracted a good amount of trade with his popular Zonut. On my first ever visit to his shop at The Star I learnt they sell out quickly. A young lady at the counter said they usually sell out in about one to one-and-a-half hours. Her perfunctory and disinterested manner made me feel I should have known this before entering the shop and casually asking if they had any cronuts — silly me. I bought a few Zumbarons ($2.50 each) instead which had distinctive flavours and an enjoyable texture. A few days later a kind gesture by The Jugernauts said he had a spare Maple Bacon Zonut ($5) if I wanted it. Hell yeah! Thanks dude. Injected with a maple bacon creme, topped with bourbon soaked raisins, caramelised maple peanuts and bacon crumble it sounded pretty weird and crazy but flavours worked well together. I liked the crispy and light pastry although you could tell there was a lot of evil calories in this sugar coated baby. I actually shared it with four other curious souls who had never had one before although I'm sure I could have easily eaten one all to myself — but probably shouldn't. Would I have it again. Hell yeah. Although the challenge for me like everyone else is getting to one of his stores at the right time in the hope to buy one in the first place. I wish I could simply just order in advance and pick up at a time that suits me.

PROS: Something different to clog the arteries with sugar fat loving, Enjoyable flavour and texture
CONS: It probably should come with a health warning, They sell out quickly and more than likely you'll need to line up to buy them
MUST TRY: Other flavours if I ever get a chance to be at his store at the right time
VERDICT: I'm glad I got to try it and would happily try it again although I would try and resist having it too often
Maple Bacon Zonut ($5) injected with a maple bacon creme, topped with bourbon soaked raisins, caramelised maple peanuts and bacon crumble — enjoyable flavour and texture
Aerial view
Size view
Slice view
Zumbarons ($2.50 each): Salted Butter Caramel on Toast, Pineapple, Finger Bun
Very interesting Zumbaron flavours

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Amy zhong said...

i was curious abt this when it was first released but i heard it was very greasy and oily so that sorta turned me off it.....

MAB vs Food said...

That has to be the naughtiest pastry out there. Bacon, donut, croissant. I think my heart just skipped reading this post lol. But I am sure it tasted great!

gaby @ lateraleating said...

Your photos gave me a toothache :)

Simon Leong said...

hi amy, i didn't find this one too greasy or oily although i didn't have too much of it but i definitely knew there was oil in it.

hi MAB vs Food, certainly one of the most devilish I know of. I've also heard of a place in Melbourne doing Cruffins ie a Croissant and Muffin together.

hi gaby, hehe. don't send me the dentist bill though ;-)

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