25 November 2013

Parlour Burger at The Morrison: Burgers, CBD Sydney (25 Nov 2013)

225 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

New $10 burgers in town

The Morrison gave away 500 free burgers today between 12–2 pm although they vanished in only 20 minutes so I had no chance of scoring one for a late lunch. $10 is still a pretty good deal for a burger so I tried the The Original Morrison Burger with Chipotle Mayo ($10). I was pre-warned by service that it's served pink in the middle. They weren't wrong. I've had medium rare before although I would have preferred a bit more colour on the surrounding meat to make it visually look a bit more cooked and more appetising to the eye. Nice fresh ingredients were used and the chipotle mayo was tasty with a pleasant hum of chilli. Bun was enjoyably soft although more toasting of the inside surface would have done wonders and a slice of melted cheese would have been great. Decor is nice and seating consisted of mostly high chairs which isn't conducive to a long comfortable stay on the small circular tables. Retro music fans might have loved the 'Valerie' by Steve Winwood and 'Fernando' by ABBA playing loudly in the background — it certainly brought back memories for me, good ones I think.

PROS: Reasonably priced menu, Service was friendly, Freshly shucked oysters next door although I don't think you can order them to enjoy in the Parlour Burger
CONS: Medium rare pattie might not be everyones preference, Pattie was a bit pale on colour to my liking, Small tables and high chairs won't allow you to get too comfortable
MUST TRY: Fish burger and sides next time
VERDICT: Another reasonably priced burger place with deep fried sides that every pub seems to be offering these days. It could be a hit if the pink centred patties and retro music goes down well with patrons. I would have preferred by pattie to be a bit more cooked though.
The Original Morrison Burger with Chipotle Mayo ($10) — quality ingredients, tasty mayo, pattie a bit pale in colour
Nice soft bun although would have liked it a bit grill toasted on the inside. If it was it was very subtle.
Medium rare probably not everyones liking
Pattie a bit pale on the outside and would have preferred more colour and grill flavour, and possibly more seasoning
Mince quite course so tended to break apart a bit too easily or perhaps because it wasn't grill charred enough on the outside. The firm curved edge of the lettuce leaf tends to push the pattie apart when eating.
Table setting and table order number

$10 burger menu — probably try the fish burger next

Tempting sides — I must try next time

Charcoal is good for you — although I've always heard differently

1000 free burgers given out but unfortunately I was too late to get one at lunch. Apparently the 500 at lunch went in about 20 minutes.

Mostly high chair seating which is not conducive for long stays

Clean toilet upstairs and excellent hand dryer

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Amanda@ChewTown said...

Yeah... that's a little too raw for me too!!

Amy zhong said...

my brother got there at 12 and missed out! the burgers look good tho!

Annie said...

wouldn't mind trying out the black widow burger. charcoal bun sounds very intersting

Sherrie Huang said...

Ah but $10 is such good value! The burger looks good for the price :D

bob @ jugernauts said...

as mentioned simon, too raw as a medium for me too.I don't have a problem with tartars so I think the meat wasn't seasoned and tasted like raw mince. no good

Shanshan Lam said...

ahh dam i work right next door and still managed to miss out on the free burger day last week! gotta go back to try it now!

Simon Leong said...

hi amanda, hopefully my next one is more to my liking

hi amy, gee those burgers went super fast then

hi annie, i've heard the black window one makes your teeth black hehe

hi sherrie, $10 is the price these days for a burger bargain

hi bob, hope it improves for next time. maybe i should order it well done

hi shanshan, you would have had a good chance to get one too

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