28 May 2018

Black Label by Burger Project, Grosvenor Place, Sydney (28 May 2018)

Grosvenor Place Piazza, 225 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Black Label is the New Burger

Burger Project certainly picked the best day for their opening day of Black Label on #NationalBurgerDay. I felt compelled to choose their Black Label 'Signature' Burger with Cape Grim 220g grass-fed beef and triple-smoked bacon mixed pattie, pickled Jalapenos, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles & onions, special sauce ($18). Firstly, I couldn't believe how quickly it arrived at the table about 2 minutes after ordering — now that's lightening fast. I don't even think Maccas can make and serve a burger that fast so I'd be pretty impressed if my pattie was cooked to order from a raw state. I have a strong suspicion it was precooked based on the rack of cooked patties I spotted in the kitchen. But I guess this certainly helped keep the wait time down for a first day launch. 

There's visible melted cheese on top and another slice under the pattie which didn't seem to be as melted. The pattie is quite pink inside so looks to be cooked medium although I'm suspecting some of the colour could be attributed to the triple-smoked bacon. I enjoyed the flavour combo and the tasty 'epic special sauce'. The price is a bit concerning considering it doesn't include fries which will add another $5.50 or $7.50 for onion rings. Jalapenos are appreciated in the mix and there's some noticeable flavour from the triple-smoked bacon in the pattie although my mind was actually thinking at the time of ordering it was going to come with 3 slices of bacon which isn't the case at all (wishful thinking) — although would actually be good if it did come with some crispy bacon which you could add for $4. It held together quite well in a softish bun that was warm to the touch. Service was friendly and helpful and there's a decent amount of seating for dine in. They seem to have utilised every inch of the space well.

For their opening week they're offering free Mecca coffee with any breakfast item and apparently for the rest of June it'll be $1 coffees. I've yet to try the coffee but hopefully will soon along with their Sausage and Egg Roll or Ricotta Hotcakes.

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