05 July 2018

Bernasconi's, Rose Bay (5 July 2018)

23 Plumer Rd, Rose Bay NSW 2029

The simplest art of plating

I wasn't quite expecting my fancy named "T.A.R." ($14) of turkish toast, avocado, fresh tomato & ricotta to be such a simple presentation of sandwich pressed turkish toast, half scoop of avocado, sliced tomato and a few scoops of ricotta sitting on a plate, unseasoned and separated the way my 6 year old would probably prefer. But perhaps my expectations were too high for this well-located corner cafe in the heart of village surroundings. It made me wonder if that's how the local customers just prefer it served? But at $14 I'd hope for some presentation skills by the kitchen that's more than what I'd be bothered doing at home as a lazy weekend snack unless it's renamed the "D.I.Y T.A.R". Some sliced and fanned out avocado would at least show some passion has gone into the dish. At the very least the turkish bread should be toasted under a grill to retain some lovely light bubbly texture rather than being flattened and compressed in a sandwich press. A slice of lemon dipped in spiced dukkah would add some extra flavour when squeezed over your D.I.Y. smashed avo. In hindsight I think I should have gone for the Ricotta Hotcake with poached berries and honeycomb mascarpone that was also tempting me — hopefully not served in the same fashion. I was very happy with my Cappuccino ($4) though using Aroma Coffee with nice flavour and a decent amount of froth. The smaller cup sizing helped provide a good hit of flavour. Service was friendly and I liked the pleasant cafe outlook towards the other shops and green of the golf course and trees across the road. Free parking in the area with varying time restrictions.

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