10 May 2010

QCC Catering Equipment: I love kitchen supply shops, Darlinghurst (7 May 2010)

53 William Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Catering for kitchen lovers

If there's one place I love more than stationery shops, it's kitchen supply shops and QCC sure has plenty to offer the kitchen professionals and public all under the one roof. I was looking for something that would slice up the large pancetta I received from San José Smallgoods and for some strange reason I really thought the Victorinox Vegetable Peeler ($5.50) would do the trick — but it failed miserably — my fault. I ended up using a sharp knife to thinly slice it but at least I now have one of these vegetable peelers which I'm sure will come in handy.

PROS: Huge range of cooking equipment & kitchenware, Close to city
CONS: Limited parking
MUST TRY: Finding other kitchen supply stores to compare prices

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Phuoc'n Delicious said...

Oh no! Now you've given me more reason to spend my money on kitchenware. I love it too (my bf thinks I'm weird because I love shopping for kitchenware rather than the usual girly things eg bags, shoes etc)


tangerine eats said...

Hells yes, I've spent all weekend drooling over irregular shaped plates and bowls :)
Will hit up this place next weekend - you've just fed my addiction!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi phuoc, it's all for a good cause ;-) i love how the invent something for just about everything although real professionals seem to just need a good knife and little else in the kitchen.

hi tangerine, it's a lot easier to get around than victoria's basement which i find very chaotic and streesful

kitchenguy said...

....and if you're anything like me the stuff you buy sits in a drawer gathering dust and you can't bring yourself to throw it out! :)

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi kitchen, i try not to buy too many things. actually i just used my vegetable peeler for the potatoes tonight which worked well. i've got a very limited kitchen space so really can't get too many things, especially those big food processing thingies :-)

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