12 May 2010

Dello Mano: Classic Belgian Chocolate Brownies, Brisbane (12 May 2010)

194 Breakfast Creek Road, Hamilton, Brisbane Qld 4007

Box of chocolate goodness

It was only the other day I was trying the Sweet Infinity brownie and today thanks to Deborah Peralta, the owner of Dello Mano, I received a well presented box of 16 mini chocolate brownies to sample. It arrived safely packaged in a thermal pack complete with ice packs to keep them chilled. Out of the 16 brownies one of the them was wrapped in gold foil which made you think it was very special, but in reality it was just the same as all the others — although it was the last to be eaten. I first read about Dello Mano on ksayerphotography and like Kristy I was pretty impressed with the brownies. Actually I shared them with over 15 work colleagues to gain a tasting consensus and they were all pretty impressed with the taste — some saying they were the best brownies they'd ever tasted. I found them more fudge like than cake like and the small pieces of chocolate chip in the base was a treat which added some texture to the bite.

I checked the online catalogue and they're worth $49.50 + delivery ($15 Brisbane, $20 Australia wide, Free pickup from kitchen) which works out to be about $3 for each small brownie without delivery which is seems pretty pricey in my books but they do use only real Belgian Chocolate (not cocoa) and other quality ingredients such as fresh free range eggs purchased directly from the farm and real butter plus a real handmade experience of hand cut, packed and wrapped brownies. I'm sure for corporate gifts and special occasions the expense might be justified for such a quality made and packaged item and for connoisseurs of fine food.

Other brownies tried:
Dello Mano - 12 May 2010
Sweet Infinity - 7 May 2010
Bacco Pasticceria - 5 June 2009

PROS: Smooth chocolate taste, Nice presentation, Well protected delivery packaging, Hand crafted and no perservatives
CONS: Only available online or directly in Brisbane, Rather pricey
MUST TRY: Comparing to all other brownies

Classic Belgian Chocolate Brownie

Thermal protective box and packaging

Ice packs

Hand crafted and no perservatives

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Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse) said...

I remember sampling these at the farmers' markets in the city when I was in Brisbane last year! They were very nice indeed but I was unable to transport any back to Sydney with me =(

Maria said...

Oh yum! My friend is coming to Sydney from Brisbane, maybe I can get her to bring me some :D

Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial said...

Clever and pretty packaging, but agree with you - very expensive!

Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said...

Mmmmmm I loved these brownies.
Just reading your post makes me want more haha.

Tina said...

Oh yum - I love the fudginess of the Dello Mano brownies - the new cupcakes, I say!

linda said...

This is the first that I've heard of these brownies. The little squares look so cute and perfectly cut. I need to source some of these.

nomnomnibblies said...

aww those brownies look so cute! and very nicely presented too :P it's sort of like the corica apple strudles from perth!

Simon Leong said...

hi mademoiselle délicieuse, i guess you can always order them now online unless you know someone visiting you from Brisbane whose kind enough to get them for you.

hi maria, sounds like a great idea. hope you enjoy them if you get to try them — unless you're friend decides to eat them first ;-)

hi celia, quality does tend to cost more i guess which is a shame.

hi kristy, they certainly were some of the smoothest tasting brownies i've had in a long time.

hi tina, i think you're on to something. cupcakes is so 2009, brownies is for 2010 hehe

hi linda, check the online store to see the range. i think they might even have different flavours.

hi nomnomnibblies, i haven't heard of these apple strudels but i'd definitely check them out if i'm ever visiting Perth in the future :-)

deb said...

Deb from Dello Mano here:

hi nomnomnibblies - thanks for your comment. I have always loved food that is hand made and hand packed and although a very slow process to this day I still love looking at the little squares myself. Hope you can try sometime as I very much wanted to create something that looked and tasted great as well as offer an overall personal service.

Linda - thanks too! we send our Brownies all over Australia now so you can call, email me direct deb@dellomano.com.au or call me direct 0414223108 if you have any questions. We're a small family business so elected to focus on our passion for hand made food - retail will take a little longer - any suggestions for retail in Sydney are welcome.

Yeah Tina! We would have to agree.

Hi Celia - hand made and hand packed produce does have a $ cost but we very much hope to deliver to an overall value to our customers. We can certainly see how to cut costs but dont think we would offer what we are driven to do ,To us the concept of overall value includes quality but also an overall experience of true customer service. May sound cliche but as a family business we believe our business reflects our own family values so provide a very human and real experience.

Mademoiselle - yes you can buy online - we also send to many clients who are just buying for themselves so we offer bars that dont come with the packaging. That said if you are in Brisbane again let us know and we'll pack some up with ice for you - we have customers take them all over Australia and overseas.

Kristy - thank you again!

Maria - have your friend come see us in Brisbane we'd be happy to package it up for return trip

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