17 November 2012

Udaberri: Pintxos Y Vino, CBD Adelaide (2 Nov 2012)

11 Leigh Street, Adelaide SA 5000

For the love of oysters

A locals recommendation I met at Botanic Bar brings me to the recently opened Udaberri where I surprisingly discover some of the best freshly shucked oysters ($3 each) I've ever had in a bar or restaurant. These guys know how to fully respect the Coffin Bay pacific oyster with all its prized brine — the oysters were literally swimming in it. For the die hard oyster lovers this is what it's all about. No need for lemon although a splash of the champagne vinegar supplied worked well for me. Shells were cleanly opened and well-presented. I left it up to the bartender to serve me their signature drink. The White Sangria ($15) is not on menu and was worth trying. A likable and refreshing alternative to a red wine sangria. 

The Banderilla ($2.50 each) sounded interesting on the menu and flavours worked well together but it's a tiny serving. Seemed expensive for such a small appetiser. The Jamon seranno gran reserva ($15, 50 grams) was thinly sliced and a decent size to share between two. The bread was fresh and went nicely with the jamon. Apparently during the night pintxos are available for $2. I sampled their mushroom cheese crepe which was very tasty. The bar reminded me of being back in San Sebastion which is apparently inspiration for atmosphere and vibe they were after. A melting pot of conversations, drinking and snacking on a few tasty and affordable pintxos. I hope to return one day, if not just for their oysters.

PROS: Reminds me of being back in the bars of San Sebastion, Interesting menu, Fun vibe, Efficient and friendly service, Rustic decor
CONS: Very loud, Limited seating, Can get crowded, It's in Adelaide and I live in Sydney 
MUST TRY: Oysters
VERDICT: A fun and popular place for a casual drink and snack. Definitely try the oysters if you like them shucked to order.
Coffin Bay oysters, shucked to order served with champagne vinegar ($3 each) — full of brine and shucked well with minimal shellage

White Sangria ($15) — not on menu but signature drink

Banderilla - skewered confit cherry tomato, pickled garlic and queso mahon cheese ($2.50 each) — nice flavours but seems expensive for such a small appetiser

Jamon seranno gran reserva aged 10 months, 50 gram ($15) — decent amount of slicers, thinly sliced, bread fresh

Pintoxos, usually charged at $2 each, mushroom cheese in crepe

Bill $41.50 for one, 6 weeks opened, efficient service, cool bar vibe, loud, popular


Upstairs seating

Owners Rod and Rowan having a cheeky photo

Team Udaberri

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Eha said...

Now, why on earth did you have me feel my age on a Sunday morning? Fun place, crowd perchance a tad too young to enjoy MY company, beautiful, beautiful oysters at $3 each!!!!!! Yes, well, some of us alive still remember the days not that long past when a dozen oysters were the least you ordered [yes, Mornay and Kilpatrick and Bercy and Czarina were in vogue :) !] and, if they were fresh in from Hawkesbury's best, naturally you ordered the second lot ;) !

Vanessa said...

Those oysters look beautiful! Van xx

Simon Leong said...

hi eha, i haven't heard of Bercy and Czarina style for oysters. do you have any recipes?

hi vanessa, hope to have them again one day :-)

wanda Windsor said...

Ah Vanessa, Your problem is you live in Sydney and not Adelaide. Oysters from Coffin Bay are by far the best. Fact. To Simon, Udaberri is excellent and much what Adelaide needs. Noisy, oh that's good, shows we're alive. The small serves did say a bite so I suppose that's what we expect?! To try a wine that is suited to the cheese as recommended by staff was great, thinking outside the square. Cheese selection was excellent, and all imported giving me a chance to experience something other than our wonderful South Aust cheeses. Still I enjoyed your blog. Next one try Miss Perez in Stirling. I know we're slow her in SA but we're getting there and this one also hits the spot..

wanda Windsor said...

Pity we have to look at the crowd to see if we fit in, well I'm nearly 60 and had no issue last night at all. Enjoyed every minute of it. Loved the buzz, the street (way overdue) the noisy bar, the food (Oh yeah) wine, cheese matched with a wine I had never heard of from outside Aust. Enjoyed it all.

Mel said...

Anywhere in Australia that is near a body of sea water, oysters is really famous and here in Adelaide, there are quite a number of food places that sell fresh and nicely cooked oysters. Although I have not been to Udaberri, there are a few more that could be at par to this. We have this regular place we would go but it recently moved to a newer and bigger place a little far from where we lived. I guess business has been good for this oyster bar.

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