02 November 2012

The Glenmore: Pub with Harbour Views, The Rocks (31 Oct 2012)

96 Cumberland Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Top views at The Glenmore

Thanks to Kylie Martin and The Glenmore for inviting me as a guest to sample the new menu and check out the renovations. I've previously taken advantage of the rooftop views for casual drinks and dinner with friends and the new renovations makes this place even more attractive. Previous accommodation rooms have now been opened up as function spaces making them ideal to hire for private parties. The spectacular views towards the Sydney Opera House and city skyline has always been the biggest drawcard even when the food was OK so it's a bonus that the menu has now been refreshed as well. The Caprioska Twister ($16) is served in a copper pot with vodka, freshly muddled lime and passionfruit although the passionate had run out so raspberry was used instead making it taste more like a cosmopolitan. My Miss Marmalade ($16) hits the spot as a refreshing cocktail that would be too easy to drink another. I'm tempted to try and make this one at home. The presentation of Potted Prawns ($12.50) reminds me of a dish I might expect to find at District Dining, Berta or Duke Bistro. I liked the flavours although a few more slices of char grilled sourdough would have helped to finish off the pot better. House made fish cakes with coriander, parsley mint & ponzu mayonnaise ($12.50) made for a nice appetiser. The fish flavour and spices was more subtle than you'd find in a Thai restaurant and reminded me more of a salt fish brandade I had at The Devonshire. These would make a great canape for a party. 

House wines seem reasonably priced considering the view. The Midnight Dash Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough NSW ($7.50) is quaffable although I noticed no dates are provided on wine list for those more particular. My Salmon Fillet ($24.50) with crushed minted peas and tomato & caper salsa had a crisp skin as hoped. It was cooked just right and flavour combo worked well together. The Glenmore Club ($18.50) aka BLT  had potential but I would have much preferred the bun to be toasted. The turkish bread was fresh but I find it tends to leave a doughy texture in my mouth when not toasted. Would have loved the egg to be a bit more runny and a touch more mayo to make it even more juicy. Chips were a bit of a let down though and not as crunchy as hoped. I'm suspecting they're cooked in batches rather than to order to keep up with demand so it all depends on the timing when you get them. The Chocolate Tart ($12) was a decadent treat but I wasn't a fan of the crème fraiche which tasted more like sour cream and was at odds for my taste buds. I would have much preferred it to be sweetened or substituted with double whipped cream instead. The Whisky panna cotta, coffee essence & biscotti ($10.50) had lots of flavour. I was hoping for a free-standing wobbly version on a plate but I guess the amount of whisky and coffee essence would have prevented this from being achievable. The Flat white coffee ($3) was surprisingly decent for a pub although my Hot chocolate ($3) was more milky than chocolatey and not quite the hit I'm accustomed to from Caffé Due Mondi.

PROS: Spectacular views of harbour and sydney opera house, Lift access now available but you need to ask staff to use, Various function spaces for hire, Free sunscreen, Tempting menu, Reasonably priced house wines
CONS: Can be hard to get a table being so popular on the rooftop, 
MUST TRY: Revisiting to try more of the menu including the battered fish and chips which looked good and the 1 kg hot wings with a few other friends
VERDICT: On a nice day it would be hard to match the rooftop views of this pub. The menu looks promising and a step up before the renovations.
Caprioska Twister: Copper pot still vodka, freshly muddled lime & passionfruit ($16) — passionate ran out so raspberry used instead, flavour a bit like a cosmopolitan

Miss Marmalade: Tanqueray gin, triple sec & orange marmalade shaken on ice with a twist of lemon served in a martini glass ($16) — refreshing with noticeable alcohol

Potted Prawns: Potted black tiger prawns, char grilled sourdough & pickled carrot ($12.50) — quite tasty, needed more bread to finish though, carrots were nice

A few extra slices of bread would have been good to help finish off the potted prawns

Fish Cakes House made fish cakes with coriander, parsley mint & ponzu mayonnaise ($12.50) — subtle fish flavour compared to thai style, crisp crumbing

Midnight Dash Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough NSW ($7.50) — quaffable, no dates provided on wine list menu though

Salmon Fillet: Pan seared salmon fillet, crushed minted peas with tomato & caper salsa ($24.50) — crisp skin, cooked well, nice flavour combo

Decent portion of fish

Nicely cooked

The Glenmore Club: Crispy bacon, vine ripe tomato, organic egg, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, grilled chicken breast, mayonnaise & fries ($18.50) — would have preferred the bun to be toasted with a runnier egg and a bit mayo, chips not as crisp as hoped

Sauce tray

Spotted Fish & Chips ($19.50) on another table that looked pretty good so tempted to try next time. Looks like a generous serving so a possible one to share.

Chocolate tart, crème fraiche & raspberries ($12) — tart was nice but the crème fraiche tasted more like sour cream so would have preferred it sweetened or as double whipped cream instead

Panna Cotta: Whisky panna cotta, coffee essence & biscotti ($10.50) — lots of flavour, bean shaped chocolate on topWORTH TRYING :-)

The coffee essence seems to make it all a bit runny though rather than a wobbly firmness

Flat white coffee ($3) — was quite good considering it's a pub and better than some I've had in cafes

Hot chocolate ($3) — was a bit too milky and not chocolatey enough for me

The Glenmore Lounge

Rooftop seating and views

Free sunscreen at the bar — nice touch

Ground floor bar

Club room

Pool room

Cocktail menu


Wine menu

Toilet with a view of the opera house — awkward positioning of urinals though which could prove a little too close for comfort

City skyline view from toilet — best views since Forty One Restaurant

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Kirsty said...

What a cool looking pub! I love The Rocks so I'll definitely have to check this place out when I'm next in Sydney

Madam Wu said...

I love what you ordered as it's what I would have picked - lots of fresh seafood! The barramundi looks superbly done but I'm surprised they didn't toast the Turkish with the BLT. Both desserts look amazingly tempting too. I'm so there!

Winston said...

Okay WOW. You take seriously phenomenal photos, Simon. Blown away! And I love how comprehensive and thorough your review is. Really covered all the basis of the establishment, making it very easy for us. I wish I were in Sydney to try this now. Will you be in the EDB conference? If you are, hope to say hi!

Eha said...

Well, you were the one to post photos of the urinals: sorry to be [c]rude, but am still laughing! Fantastic site for whatever: yes, thank you for sharing :) !

joey@FoodiePop said...

That is quite a view! Reminds me of the view from the MCA cafe.

The Saucy Redhead said...

Those seafood dishes have me salivating. Can't wait for this weekends sunshine to head back there myself :)

Hotly Spiced said...

Hi Simon, thanks for putting together such a great video of the weekend. It was so comprehensive and a great collection of fine memories. I still have our shared bottle of wine! I do feel bad for snatching that away from you! xx

Simon Leong said...

hi kirsty, one of the best views in Sydney where you can get a casual drink and bite to eat.

hi madam wu, the fish was thankfully done well

hi winston, thanks for the support. keep me posted if you're ever visiting sydney and first drink is on me :-)

hi eha, yep, i'm the one that reviews the toilets as well :-)

hi joey, similar view but MCA actually has an even better view but not really accessible via night time

hi the saucy redhead, hope you enjoy when you visit.

hi hotly spiced, that bottle is all yours my dear. you deserve it and besides I try not to drink to much these days. enjoy! :-)

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