26 September 2013

Limited edition 'Son of Mac' & 'Angus Mac' join the Big Mac special sauce family (6 & 8 Sept 2013)

Old Big Mac had a son

A road trip to the snowy mountains included a pitstop in each direction at McDonald's for a break and toilet stop. On the way down I spotted the Son of Mac ($2.50) at Sutton Forest. Being a Big Mac ($4.85) fan I was intrigued to try this limited edition. Weighing in at 1370kJ it's 33% less than the original Big Mac of 2060kJ. Noticeably smaller in size but tasted pretty much the same and left that familiar special sauce smell on my fingers. It's also not as messy to eat due to less cantilevers in its structure. Not quite as satisfying to finish as a Big Mac but if this version was around when I was a kid with a smaller stomach it would have provided the right stepping stone between the cheeseburger and the more challenging adult sized Big Mac. A trip back through Majura Park near Canberra airport tempts me to try the Angus Mac ($5.95) weighing at 2680kJ. Certainly a meatier option over the Big Mac but still has the same familiar 'legendary taste' since it has all the same ingredients. My heart still goes to the original Big Mac — it must be a childhood thing and the challenge of trying to eat one without making a mess of it plus the ratio of bun, meat and sauce just seems to be right. Although that's also because it's the original and what I've always known to be the way it should be. McDonald's marketing has worked me over — taken my money by tempting me with an option — yet the legendary Big Mac will still live on.

PROS: Three option sizes depending on how hungry you are
CONS: Limited time only but hard to beat the original
MUST TRY: Big Mac lovers will probably try due to curiosity
VERDICT: It's not surprising they all tasted similar having the same ingredients but it does provide the Big Mac lover with three different meal sizes for that 'legendary taste'

Son of Mac ($2.50) 1370kJ — 6 Sept 2013

Angus Mac ($5.95) 2680kJ — 8 Sept 2013

Big Mac ($4.85) 2060kJ — 16 Sept 2013

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