10 April 2014

Brooklands Coffee Co.: Coffee kiosk, Martin Place, CBD Sydney (10 Apr 2014)

Cnr Martin Place and Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Coffee construction zone

It's not often, if ever, you come across baristas wearing ear plugs when they make your coffee but being located right next to a very noisy and active construction site it's an OHS necessity. These guys seem very passionate about using Reuben Hills coffee beans in this little kiosk just off Martin Place. I spotted a few other things available like Botanica cold pressed juice, some takeaway salads made by The Living Lunchbox and healthy looking protein bars by Wellness By Tess on the counter. The baristas focus their time and passion on the coffee while sourcing other goods they support and love as part of their mixed business. Two flimsy seats are available for having your coffee onsite — wearing a construction helmet will make you also feel more comfortable with the surrounds. My Cappuccino ($3) is made well and has enjoyable and interesting flavours. Latte art gets a tick which usually is also a good sign the barista knows what he's doing. It's quite ironic they serve such healthy and natural products in what's currently a very a chaotic, noisy and industrial corner of the city but hopefully their service and quality of goods will shine through.

PROS: Make a pretty good coffee and it's reasonably priced, Friendly baristas, Looks like healthy things available but limited choices
CONS: Only two seats available but you'll also have to put up with the very loud construction noise
MUST TRY: Coffee and anything else that tickles your fancy, the granola is pretty good too which I tried from a work colleague
VERDICT: Well located in the CBD for a coffee on the run
Friendly baristas in action
Mostly suited for take away but they do have a couple of seats for a dine in coffee fix
Cappuccino ($3) made with Reuben Hills coffee beans — enjoyable and interesting flavour
Reuben Hills House Blend

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Second visit – 15 April 2014
Botanica Green Juice ($8.50) with Cucumber, Silverbeet, Celery, Green Apple, Kale, Lemon — nice taste, healthy, pricey
Botanica Green Juice ($8.50) after shaking 

Granola with yoghurt and strawberry ($6) — InsideOut Raw Almond Milk added for free, tasty and healthy


Unknown said...

Brooklands Coffee Co.: Coffee kiosk, Martin Place, CBD Sydney is interesting.

ARTACOeats said...

Just tried this place out this afternoon, delicious! The green juice that they stock gets my vote too. Would definitely return.

Simon Leong said...

hi macky, hope you get to try their coffee

hi artacoeasts, glad you enjoyed the healthy green drink

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