23 September 2016

Pod Cafe, CBD Sydney (23 Sept 2016)

153 Phillip St, Sydney NSW 2000

Humble cafe beginnings

If it wasn't for the tacky menu signage out the front you'd never know this place existed. 'Come try the best coffee in the CBD' caught my eye but I knew this was a promise that would be hard to keep. First visit I tried a Cappuccino ($3) using Di Lorenzo Caffe. Reasonably priced with a decent strong flavour. Maybe not the best coffee in the CBD but certainly not the worst and at a nice price. Second visit tried their Nutella Mocha ($3.50) combined with a Raisin Toast ($2). Nice flavour in the mocha and something a bit different and comforting for the Nutella fans. Toast is reasonably priced but just keep in mind it's for a single slice. I think a Bacon and Egg Muffin for $4 will be my next visit. Word has it the owner is a pastry chef and has worked with Zumbo so I'm hoping he'll find the time to start baking his own goodies. Fingers are crossed. But for now their cakes and pastries are bought in. Down-to-earth and friendly service. Comfy lounge chairs available to enjoy a quiet cuppa if dining in. No minimum charge for credit cards which is nice of them to offer.

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