23 February 2009

Chinese New Year 'Love Letters'

Recently my dad came back from Malaysia with two large tightly packed Milo tins of Chinese New Year 'Love Letters'. One shape was flat and triangular as pictured below and the other was rolled. So yummy and crispy and he says they're much better from overseas than the ones made here.

Love Letter from Malaysia

Fresh strawberries marinated with Grand Marnier, topped with vanilla mascarpone cheese and Love Letter, Chef Leong :-)


Tonioz said...

"(...) and they're much better from overseas than the ones made here.", haha it's like foie gras ;-)

Simon said...

Hi Simon!

Nice shot of the finished dessert. Looks really good :)

I've only come across your site recently, so I'll have to check out the other bits of goodness when time allows.

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