22 March 2009

Pasteur: Vietnamese, Haymarket (22 March 2009)

709 George Street, Haymarket NSW 2000

Spring Roll heaven

I just love the freshly deep fried seafood spring rolls at this cheap and casual dining place. I'm sure they're not the healthiest thing but rolling them up with the fresh lettuce, bean spouts and mint seems to neutralise the fattiness — well that's what I think anyway. While waiting for your meal to arrive try and count all the funny/bad spelling mistakes on the wall menus.

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Seafood spring rolls (6) $10.00

Chicken rice noodle soup $8.50 (small)

Sugar cane prawn with vermicelli $10.50

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1 comment:

Hedonistic Hostess said...

I'm glad you share my spring roll enthusiasm :-) I've stopped ordering spring rolls at restaurants because they always seem to disappoint. But these look great!

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