03 May 2009

Oporto, Kings Cross (2 May 2009)

3C Roslyn Street, Potts Point, NSW 2011

Forgive me Foodies for I have sinned — it's been years since my last Oporto and I blame the preceding late night drinks at The World Bar for my eating disorder combined with heavy rain which made me seek shelter and food for a late dinner ASAP before heading home. Even so, I was happily satisfied with my choice and pleasantly surprised that the place wasn't too feral by the drunk and disorderly, although it was only about 10.30 pm.

With limited choices at that time of night around the area for a cheap, quick and clean bite to eat I thought it hit the spot just right without being too greasy and I even got to have an Orange Juice instead of a soft drink as part of my meal deal to make it a bit healthier. The burger looked and tasted fresh and chips had crunch factor. Would I go back? Quite possibly if I found myself in the same situation again.

Single Fillet Norm (with cheese and mayo) with small chips and 375 ml can of drink $6.98

Lots of chicken

Crispy chips

Orange juice

The way it should look — sort of did.

Sign of the times

Dining area

Prime outside view for people watching

Prominent street corner location – a shining beacon for the late night munchies

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1 comment:

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

holy smoke! look how short that girls shorts are!! I've never eaten at oporto's before, but those chips do look nice. hmmmm....molten sticks of starchy grease....drooool

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