18 October 2009

Scots on The Rocks, Millers Point, Sydney (26 Sept 2009

Abraham Mott Hall
17 Argyle Place, Millers Point NSW 2000

Kilt up for fun

This event is probably the most fun and exercise you can have with your clothes on unless your wearing a kilt with no underwear. Entry includes trays of basic party style food served at half time although no traditional Scottish food which is a shame except for the soft drink Irn-Bru — bring on the haggis! There's also a funny named energy recovery drink called Hairy Lemon which tastes a bit like orange Tang except lemon. It's BYO alcohol and your entry includes supper and as much dancing as your body and mind is willing to take on. If you've never been before, like me, all the dance moves are talked through first and then it's a matter of trying to remember what your actually supposed to be doing, it's all part of the fun. The next Chaotic Ceilidh will be on Saturday 27 March 2010 with more energetic and popular scottish dances.

Other visits to Scots on the Rocks:
26 June 2010 - Chaotic Ceilidh
26 Sept 2009 - Chaotic Ceilidh

Dancing the night away

Ticket $25 includes supper and BYO alcohol


Hairy Lemon


Tomato and pesto on toast

Assorted sandwiches

Party pies and quiches

Fruit and nuts

Wheat and gluten free chocolate cake

Apple strudel

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Anonymous said...

...and the music was great, too

Anonymous said...

There was also shortbread and whisky cake to make up the numbers of Scottish fare, but you had to be quick. Haggis and other traditional hot dishes are served at our Grand Ceilidh in May at Paddington Town Hall.

Simon Leong said...

hi Anonymous, the music was so good and infectious as well, thanks for reminding me :-)

hi Anonymous, i must have missed the shortbread and whisky cake, hopefully next time. looking forward to haggis at the grand ceilidh!

Anonymous said...

Heya Simon - the Grand Ceilidh is on 22 May - would be great to see you there - www.sotr.org.au/events_ceilidh.shtml

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