22 January 2010

Andy Wright: You Dropped Food on the Floor. Do You Eat It? (22 Jan 2010)

"We've all been there: You dropped your cupcake on the ground. Did it land icing up, down? Can you just scrape off the icing? How many hours have you lost trying to decide? Here's a time-saving flow chart to help out."


Sometimes you come across those ideas in life that you simply have to share with everyone you know, did know and would like to know. I first spotted this through Fooderati who retweeted from Ang Graham who I believe found it on San Francisco Food Blog which was created and blogged by Andy Wright from Food Porn.

And now I give to you to have a laugh and spread the word. BTW I always thought the rule was it's OK to eat food from the floor as long as no one sees you doing it ;-) so here's my updated version below.


Iron Chef Shellie said...

Haha! I twittered this yesterday too after seeing it on SwissMiss! <3 it!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi iron chef shellie, it's great isn't it. it's obviously making the rounds :-)

Vicki said...

Hey Simon...firstly, LOVE your blog :)
I have a 7 second rule. I know lots of people have a 2 second rule but hey, I love my food, and there's more leeway with 7 seconds (ok I might have been known to "up" the 7 seconds if it's my floor and I know it's clean...)
I do love the chart though. Might print it out and put it on my fridge ;)

joey@FoodiePop said...

LOL. My rule is eat it after blowing dust and dirt off it. :) We swallow bacteria and viruses all the time anyway, so I figure.

YaYa said...

I eat it if it's going to be cooked or if it doesn't need to be cooked and I know the floor is clean-ish, I'd eat it, especially if it is bacon, hehe!

john@heneedsfood said...

There are many factors to consider here. Two seconds or seven seconds, really makes no difference. What does matter is what it fell onto. A dirty floor where you're picking off hairs and other debris? Maybe not. If it's off my floor, I'll eat it. If it's off the ground somewhere else, I'd try to weigh up how dirty it is and how hungry I am!

foodwink said...

LOL - I saw a colleague dropping a slice of cheese on the kitchen floor yesterday. Well, I suppose she followed the "boss/lover/parent?" test. She tried to dusted dirt off the cheese and ate it.

So, I guess the 3-second rule is no longer in fashion?

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi vicki, so glad to hear your enjoying my blog. much appreciated! i might print it out and keep it in my wallet to hand out to anyone that might need it in the future ;-)

hi joey, your probably right but i'm not sure about if it's sticky, a bit hard to clean off hehe

hi yaya, bacon is a given isn't it hehe

hi john, the floor surface definitely is a factor isn't it. i think tables are ok and perhaps furniture but floors are a difficult one to decide on. so many factors :-)

hi foodwink, hehe such good timing about the post. i guess your colleague definitely wanted that cheese :-)

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