20 January 2010

Yummy Cuisine: Chinese, Martin Place Shopping Circle, Sydney (20 Jan 2010)

Shop 16, Martin Place Shopping Circle, Sydney NSW 2000

No. 28 is back in town

For those of you who used to visit the popular '28' located in the Imperial food court under CentrePoint, you'll be glad to know they've popped up at Martin Place Shopping Circle. I guess they had to go somewhere after the current Westfields renovations started. I used to only get their Char Kway Teow and it's still pretty much cooked the same way with a dark soy sauce look, some charring and ample pieces of chicken and a couple of large prawns. Prices seem to have crept up a little but still reasonable for the quality and size. There was a fair bit of chilli in it so ask for mild if your shy of the heat factor. The Chicken Rice was quite good and not too dry. I hope to try their laksa and har mee soon to compare to others in the city. Seating is limited so timing is everything but at least it's a bit nicer than their previous seating arrangements which were quite cramped. If your eating in just take a seat after ordering and they'll bring your order to you.

Other places tried for Char Kway Teow

Other places tried for Chicken Rice:
Singapore Shiok!* - 29 Sept 2010
Malacca Straits - 23 Jan 2010
Yummy Chinese - 20 Jan 2010
Laksa House - 24 Sept 2009
Laksa King - 16 Sept 2009
Malaysian Food House - 18 Aug 2009
Malay-Chinese Takeaway - 6 Aug 2009
Mc Lucksa - 5 Aug 2009
Jaya Malaysian - 29 July 2009

PROS: Efficient service, Authentic-like
CONS: Limited seating
MUST TRY: Char Kway Teow

Penang Char Kway Teow $9

Hainanese Chicken Rice $8.50

Visited - 21 Jan 2010
Chicken laksa ($8)

Vegetable laksa ($7.50)

Seafood laksa ($9)

Ipoh Hor Fun Soup ($8.50)

Visited - 3 Feb 2010
Har Mee ($8.50) — Fair amount of prawns and broth is quite good but not as good as Malay-Chinese

Ayam Goreng ($8.50) — chicken fairly moist and crispy skin as hoped

Visited - 27 May 2010
Wonton Noodle Soup ($8) — silky and soft wontons with visible prawn filling

Visited - 1 March 2012
Char Kway Teow ($9.50) — Good wok hei and ingredients although missing the clams like most Malaysian eateries in Sydney

Prawn Har Mee ($9) — broth not as flavoursome as Singapore Shiok and Malay Chinese but ingredients are good

- - -

Same owners as No. 28 that used to be under CentrePoint (Sydney Tower)

Seating for diners next door

Service counter


joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Two of my favourite Malaysian meals. Yum!

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, these are the 2 dishes i usually check first to see what they are like in any new place. Next two are Laksa and Har Mee. If they all pass then it's a pretty good place in my books.

3 hungry tummies said...

The char kwei teow sure looks good!

foodwink said...

Love a good plate of char kway teow. Will head over to No 28 for lunch one of these days. Thanks for sharing :)

Simon Leong said...

hi 3 hungry tummies, went again the next day for laksa and noticed some of the char kway teows ordered weren't as dark soy looking so might depend when you go for who cooks it?

hi foodwink, hope you enjoy if you get a chance to try it. let me know what you think :-)

Judgemental said...

I agree. Yummy cuisine in the CBD is pretty damm good. Hope you don't mind, I inserted a link to this from my blog. :-)

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