06 January 2010

Hurricane's Grill & Bar: Pork Ribs, Bondi Beach (3 Jan 2010)

130 Roscoe Street, Bondi Beach NSW 2026


Whenever I'm wanting ribs I usually think of Hurricane's. If you're hungry but can't really finish a full rack then it's better value to share a full rack with someone else — much cheaper than ordering just a half rack for yourself. I tend to prefer the Pork Ribs over the smaller and meatier tasting Lamb Ribs. I wish I could cook ribs at home that has meat so tender and falls off the bone. I also tried the rather expensive Prawns Villa Moura although it has four enormous Clarence River King Prawns — I don't think they can get much bigger than these babies. Comes with salad dressing and three sauces of which I prefer the peri-peri sauce. Salads are huge at Hurricane's and the Octopus Salad is no exception.

For dessert I had to try the Mars Bar Cheesecake just for the name. Seemed to have real slices of Mars Bar on top although I found the cheesecake a bit dense. I preferred the more classic Warm Sticky Date Pudding. In terms of drinks I noticed wines by the glass are pretty expensive, averaging between $11–$13 while beers are a bit more reasonable at about $7–8. Note there's a 10% surcharge on Sundays so visit on other days if your wanting to save a bit on your final bill. And don't forget you get complimentary brown bread and butter in case your thinking of ordering garlic or herb bread.

PROS: Ribs, Free brown bread
CONS: Very busy so book ahead, Expensive wine
MUST TRY: Pork Ribs, Prawns Villa Moura

Full rack pork ribs $37.40

Prawns Villa Moura: Clarence River King Prawns butterflied, then grilled Portuguese style in lemon butter. Served on a bed of rice with salad $45

Prawns Villa Moura sauces: Garlic butter, lemon butter and peri-peri sauce

These prawns are massive!

Octopus Salad: Baby Octopus, grilled with lemon butter and spices, on a bed of fresh salad $26.40

Rump steak with pepper sauce $35.20

Complimentary brown bread

Where bones go to die

2006 Hare's Chase $44

Sticky Date Pudding $15.95

Vanilla Ice Cream and Hot Chocolate Sauce $9.90

Mars Bar Cheese Cake $15.95

Dessert menu

Peppermint Tea $3.30

Foxeys Late Harvest dessert wine $9.90

Hurricane's take away shop if you can't wait for a table

The grill and kitchen

Front dining section

Back dining section


Trissa said...

Hurricanes is my favourite place to get ribs - but the prawns look fantastic too!

YaYa said...

woweee, lookit the size of them prawns! Ribs look great too!

3 hungry tummies said...

Amazing looking plate of ribs! Good to know they have the takeaway section too!

joey@FoodiePop said...

Their ribs have always looked incredible but I'm still yet to go; why? I like the look of the Mars Bar cheesecake too but it looks very sweet ....

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi trissa, ribs were the only things i would want there but now i'll be tempted to get the prawns too next time.

hi yaya, they were like mini lobsters hehe

hi 3 hungry tummies, i believe the take away is pretty popular. our wait for 45 mins for a table that day but it's nice not to have to do the washing up :-)

hi joey, could be a new years resolution for you to try the ribs :-)

Madam Wu said...

I had dinner here just tonight. The fillet steak was great. Cooked just how I had asked. The Monkey Gland sauce wasn't very nice and the salads were tasteless and bland, although giant. The prawns you ordered looked amazing though.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi madam wu, i don't think i've ever had the steak because i keep ordering the ribs :-)

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