10 March 2010

Eat Drink Blog Photo Exhibition: Oops, I missed the deadline (9 Mar 2010)

Good luck in the judging

For those of you that remembered to enter your photos on the flickr group for the Eat Drink Blog Food Blogger Photo Exhibition I wish you lots of luck. For me, I totally forgot about the deadline which was Sunday 9 March — doh! So instead I've posted my favourite photos from the past year to share with you. There's seven photos including the Rose Macaroon pictured above from Bacco Pasticceria which I think is such a yummy work of art. I had trouble culling down to six photos so would be curious to know which one of these you like the most. All my photos have been taken with a compact digital Canon Ixus 70.

After looking at all the wonderful and yummy photos that have been uploaded to the flickr group I think it's going to be a very difficult one to judge. I really like the Zeta Bar liquid nitrogen by myriamthi because it's simple, memorable and has a great sense of anticipation of what's happening and being created in the pot. Summer by bowd is really cute. Pied face by ATFTphotography is fun and memorable. Sprint Party at IVY by ATFTphotography has incredible lighting and makes me thirsty. Asian Supermarket by red-scooter is a great comment on shopping. Crackling by secondhelping and Milk & Honey Jelly by Ellie W make we wish I could try some now.

Merivale Gala Dinner with Peter Doyle in the kitchen. The intensity of the chefs watching Peter Doyle is priceless — right place, right time.

Food bloggers attending a Take It Slow Dinner at MuMu Grill. So funny how everyone is just concentrating on getting their shots while the food goes cold — I'm sure all food bloggers can relate to this photo.

Merivale Winter Feasts: est. tartare of ocean trout, cucumber, ponzu and coriander. These were so yummy.

Egg from Simon's home cooking of Mushroom, Meatball and Tomato Bake. I just love the simplicity of the egg's perfect shape.

Family Xmas Lunch 2009: My brother's vanilla panna cotta with fresh berries. I would gladly have this photo up on the wall to look at — I love the detail and colours of the fresh berries.

Three knifes newly sharpened by Chef's Armoury. It's a simple shot but I just like it's composition and tonal shades.

McDonald's Big Mac and French Fries. The reality of fast food. I like the sense of warmth in the photo, it's natural tones, simplicity and how it reminds me of childhood comfort food.


joey@FoodiePop said...

What a shame! You have some great photos there Simon.

Sarah Vino said...

Great photos! Love the food blogger one haha!!

mike@scallopsandpancetta said...

Your photos are great, I love the egg shot, but I reckon my favourite is the Pannacotta - stunning pic and i bet it tasted awesome too.

Catherine said...

Wow that really makes me want a Big Mac (with a macaron)! :-)

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi joey, thanks for the positive feedback.

hi sarah, it's always funny seeing bloggers in their natural habitat in action hehe

hi mike, my brother makes a pretty good panna cotta and it did taste great. can't beat fresh berries for dessert :-)

hi catherine, hehe together or separately. i grew up loving Big Macs as a kid so it's a hard one to give up :-)

Myriam @Detours said...

Hi Simon,

Wow - thanks for your positive feedback on my nitrogen cocktail at Zeta Bar ;-))

I really wish I could be in Melbourne to visit the SBS food blogging photography exhibition, but have already spent too much on the credit card, so it wasn't wise to go...

My fave from your own pics would be the Bacco macaron, the family Xmas lunch (these berries...) and the knives. As you said, this picture's composition is really beautiful and simple!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi myriam, i know what you mean about the credit card. hopefully the next conference will be in Sydney so we don't have to go as far :-)

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