31 March 2010

So what came first, the Hot Cross Bun or the Easter egg? (30 Mar 2010)

Toasted & Buttered

Being a non-religious soul I'm not exactly sure about why we celebrate Easter (ouch don't hit me please) but I do know that ever since I was a little kid I loved my Hot Cross Buns toasted and buttered and I now appreciate a really good chocolate Easter egg compared to a cheap and nasty one. My earliest memory of Easter is when my primary school had an Easter hat parade and I dressed up in a hat with a hen and eggs (pictured above) which my mum helped me put together — actually I think she did most of it. I'm not exactly sure why I'm holding a pot plant but I think I must have been proud of perhaps growing a little watermelon seed. Here's some food for thought by The Independent UK about 'Why we celebrate Easter, and where did the bunny come from?'.

So what's the biggest chocolate Easter egg you've seen this season? I spotted a 6 kg Ernest Hillier Chocolate Easter Egg at Georgiou's Confectionery in Petersham for $230 last weekend.

Wishing all my readers a Safe and Happy Easter!

Hot Cross Buns from Bacco Pasticcerie for morning tea

Easter eggs provided by the office Easter bunny


PIE-3.14 said...

that is an awesome hat! way better than what i used to do... stick coloured feathers onto a bowler hat...

Brenda said...

Yay Easter! Time to indulge in chocolate without feeling guilty ; )

How cute do you look in the decorated hat. Was that when you were in school during the Easter Hat Parade?

Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial said...

How cute are you in that hat!! Gotta love mothers and Easter crafts..hehe..

Happy Hot Cross Bun season! :)

Phuoc'n Delicious said...

HAHA what a cute picture and marvelous hat! I miss having easter hat parades; that when my creative side came out, but it was nothing compared to this! You must have been the envy of all kids back in the day..

I had some hot cross buns last night and another in the morning. I love the Baker's Delight's choc chip one. Mmmm...

Myriam @Detours said...

Cute picture Simon!!

Speaking about giant Easter eggs, I also saw a good one at Coco Chocolate in Bligh St, Kirribilli (www.cocochocolate.com.au). It was massive, I think the owner was auctioning if off or selling raffle tickets for charity. I think I have a picture somewhere, I'll send you the link. Great chocolate place to check out, by the way ;-)

All righty, have a great Easter weekend and enjoy your hot cross buns!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

wowowowowwww..... u had our hot cross bun..haha

Recently we normally make like 3 trays of them (about 120 buns) but only today we prepared 15 trays (600 buns) for tomorrow (and will make 3 more trays tomorrow too).

john@heneedsfood said...

Aaaww ... who looks cute in their Easter bonnet? If I had the time I'd dig out my pic of myself wearing something very similar my mum knocked up back in the early 70s. I think you should wear yours this Sunday! Somewhere I can rest my drink ;)

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

Mmm hot cross buns, toasted with some butter... delish! I quite like the choc chip ones from Bakers Delight too, and their Mocha ones arn't too bad either.

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

Oh and very cute pic =D

Adrian @ Food Rehab said...

I love chocolate hot cross buns smothered in butter...if not, drenched!

I heard that due to high cocoa prices, there are warnings that there are inferior easter eggs on the shelves this year as companies start cutting back.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Simon; very interesting that you have 'non-religious' and 'soul' in the same sentence!! Enjoy your chocolate overload! Gobsmack'd

Tina said...

I like your Easter hat! Better than any of my past efforts...

Fiona said...

Happy Zombie Jesus day!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi pie-3.14, it's a shame we don't do that in the office any more hehe

hi brenda, i still feel guilty eating chocolate but it's soooo good :-) yep that' the easter hat parade in primary school. those were the days.

hi celia, hope you have some tasty hot cross buns this easter!

hi phuoc, i wonder if the kids still do a easter hat parade at school? i don't think i've tried the baker's delight choc chop hot cross buns but they sound yummo.

hi myriam, that chocolate place sounds really awesome. i'll have to check it out although i fear they'll be too many temptations and i'll want to try it all!

hi bean sprout's cafe, someone at work bought 2-3 dozen of them for a morning farewell tea. they were really nice.

hi john, hehe i wish i still had it to wear this sunday. not sure where the design is from but i there was another kid in the photos that had a similar one.

hi angie, i'll keep an eye out for the choc chip and mocha ones. they sound so wickedly good.

hi adrian, hopefully lindt are still making their quality chocolate bunnies.

hi gobsmack'd, i was wondering who'd pick that point up. i can't get anything past you :-) although i'm still not religious but i'm perhaps a little spiritual, because i do yoga you know hehe ;-)

hi tina, i can't really take credit for it but i think my mum had fun putting together for me

hi fiona, happy zombie jesus day to you too ;-)

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