30 May 2010

City Hotel Kent Street Living Room: Chocolatesuze 27th Food Blogger Birthday, Sydney (29 May 2010)

347 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Happy Birthday chocolatesuze!

Beware of cheerleaders wielding long sharp knives with a big smile.

With 73 confirmed RSVPs on the guest list for this birthday event it was set to be Sydney's biggest food bloggers meet up — and it certainly was, with 59 confirmed attending roll call. The dress theme was BACK TO SCHOOL and the tempting prize for best dressed was a 2.26kg giant gummy bear. I arrived fashionably late at 4.30 pm as all unruly school kids would and ended up miraculously able to fit into my final year school shirt which I'd kept as a personal memento since leaving. Matched with a striking afro and Christian Dior nerdy looking sunglasses complete with backpack I thankfully didn't miss out on any of the yummy food provided by Nuffnang which was just starting to be served as I arrived. It was great to meet up with some familiar faces of the food blogging community and to also finally meet other food bloggers which I follow and read. Time went quickly (too quickly) and I wished I could have stayed longer to chat with many more of the food bloggers but hopefully next time in future events.

Drinks were purchased from the bar and my choice tonight was a refreshing Japanese Asahi beer ($8). The Kent Street Living Room seem to be producing some very nice party food at the moment and stand outs for me tonight were the Chicken Satay, Grilled Prawn Skewers and Salt and Pepper Squid. The Mini Wagyu Burgers had potential although unfortunately didn't quite match teppanyaki's very impressive looking and tasting version at Launch Into Merivale. I'm not sure who made the chocolate cake but it was massive and very noice. Chocolatesuze looked very comfortable and a little scary at the same time with the very large birthday cake knife in hand. If you'd like a copy of your photo in this blog post please drop me an email and I'll email a copy back to you :-)

So I'm wondering who won best dressed in the end?

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Other blogger reviews of the Birthday:

PROS: Nice venue, decent canape party food, friendly people
CONS: Was too short on time to meet up with everyone
MUST TRY: Prawn Skewers, Chicken Satay, Salt and Pepper Squid

Me and the Birthday Girl aka Cheerleader Chocolatesuze

Food bloggers unite to celebrate

Asahi Beer $8

The Party Food
Potato wedges

Salt and pepper squid

Cheese and spinach triangles


Chicken satay


Mini Wagyu Beef Burgers

Grilled prawn skewers

Chocolatesuze birthday cake

Chocolatesuze cutting birthday cake

Food bloggers
Laura (StarLoz) and Me

Sara (Belly Rumbles), Yee (Brunch, Lunch & Munch), Desmond (YaYa's Yum Yums) and Me

Rose (LesbianHam) as the chalkboard

Cathy X (Aficionado) and Me

Sheryl (One Bite More) and Me

Anita (NoRedMeat) and Me

Richard aka FFichiban (Here Comes The Food) and Me

Phouc (Phuocndelicious) and Me

Steph (raspberri cupcakes), Betty (The Hungry Girl), Leona (Pigged-Out) and Me

Lisa (Spicy Icecream), Simon (The Heart of Food) and Me

Jade (Pass The Peas), Yasmin (About The Food) and Me

Maria (Aamukahvin ääressä), Betty (Sugarpuffi) and Me

Billy (A Table For Two) and Me

Denea (Gourmet Rabbit) and Me

Fouad (The Food Blog) and Me

The sponsor
Sarah and David (Nuffnang) — So can you pay for my next birthday party too? :-)


Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

I can't believe you still fit into your year 12 shirt! Always good to count on you to do the complete food wrap-up although we were all checking your blog last night waiting for the faster-than-the-speed-of-light post :)

ps. Best dressed was a tie between Billy, Richard and Ninja.

Laura said...

best time ever & it was a pleasure meeting you. your pictures are just as amazing as mine. very impressed.

shame I missed the food, that squid looked delicious (I'm a self confessed seafood lover, no secrets about it. I LOVE my seafood. )

your a fantastic writer, I wish I possessed such a talent. I'm not as fluant as you & boy I wish I could write with the structure as you. my weakness in high school was clearly English.

once again, it was a pleasure to meet you & thanks for the link. gotta love a sharing community!


Maria said...

Excellent! Thanks so much for the photos Simon! Very organised of you :-) Was lovely to meet you!

chocolatesuze said...

hehe i loved your fro! awesome wrap up dude thanks so much for coming it was great to see ya again!

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Awww, I missed such a great party!

sugarpuffi said...

hihi simon! nice to finally meet you in person. such a fast post from you as always hehe.

never realised im so pale D: and how did u know my real name? did i give u my card? and a copy of the pic would be awesome thanks!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

very happy to meet u there (i am not sure if u remember me, i am the first one say hi to u..hahaha)

I left earlier so i didn't try chicken satay and missed taking picture with u T_T)

YaYa said...

Good stuff Simon, was counting on you to wrap it all up with a great blog - which you have done! Those prawns were spectacular, though I believe the flavouring was kaffir lime leaves and not lemongrass!

john@heneedsfood said...

I'm so sorry I couldn't make it :(
Looks like you all had a great night

Anna said...

Looks like a real fun time! Shame I couldn't make it :'( boo hoo

Julie said...

I realised I appeared in the background in one of those pictures lol looking silly. Great party ^_^

Sara @ Belly Rumbles said...

Great pics Simon, we can always trust you to catch everything and get up speedy. I had the night off of blogging :) Was great to catch up with you again.

Simon Leong said...

hi helen, i couldn't believe it as well. i was either really oversized when i was at school or i haven't grown since then. thanks for confirming best dressed. they were certainly worthy of best dressed.

hi laura, great to hear you had a super time. i love seafood too. Rick Steins recent seafood platter challenge on MasterChef would be my ideal meal. my weakness at school was English actually, i hated it. i was more an art person. thanks for the compliments though.

hi maria, was lovely to meet you too. hopefully there'll be more exciting blogging events in the future to catchup and chat more :-)

hi chocolatsuze aka birthday girl, you can't go wrong with a fro ;-) was good to see you again too. hope the rest of your night went really well.

hi joey, hopefully see you at the next gig.

hi sugarpuffi, was great to finally meet you too in person. actually was a bit of a slower than normal post for me because i had another birthday to do to that night so i didn't get to write up my post until the next day :-) BTW you're not pale, i think it's just that my flash was too close and bright. love your business card by the way. very professional.

hi bean sprout's cafe, i wish we had a chance to get a photo together. hopefully next time. the chicken satay was so moist and tasty. i could have had quite a few of them very happily.

hi yaya, i believe you're right about the kaffir lime leaves. they were very tasty indeed. i've had them before at the launch party and they're still really good.

hi john, was a very fun night of meeting new people and eating yummy food. hopefully we'll see you at the next event.

hi ladybird, that's a shame you weren't available. hopefully we'll catch up at the next blogging event.

hi julie, is that the one behind Billy? hehe that can happen when there's so many people in one spot. you made it on the blog though :-)

hi sara, i try my best to capture as much as possible :-) good to see you again too. hope the rest of your night went super well.

Unknown said...

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