01 June 2010

Grasshopper: Sydney's first true lane way small bar, CBD Sydney (27 May 2010)

Off George Street, Between King and Market, Next to RM Williams
Temperance Lane, Sydney NSW 2000

Down the dodgy laneway

Sydney finally gets it's first true lane way small bar which is pretty much the norm for many Melbourne bars — especially for places like The Croft Institute. Sticky Bar in Surry Hills and Shady Pines Saloon in Darlinghurst were getting close to a dodgy lane way entrance experience but Grasshopper takes the cake — for now. It's only been opened for about six weeks and is hard to find unless you know where you need to exactly go — don't be scared, but take a friend just in case. Complete with lane way rubbish bins you'd be rightfully tempted to think you're about to get mugged as you walk up Temperance Lane from George Street. I love their business card made from a playing card wrapped in a simple printed label — its indy/old skool/grunginess reminds me a bit of Pocket Bar. It seems the owner has more lane way bars planned for the future which I hope will encourage and inject more creativity and life back into the dark and dirty CBD lane ways.

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PROS: Interesting food on the menu, Hidden bar (for now), Intimate and cosy decor and seating
CONS: Need to walk down a dodgy looking lane way, Hard to find
MUST TRY: Checking out the food and drinks next visit

Candle light jar

Downstairs bar

Upstairs kitchen


Looking out the entrance

Grasshopper Chef and Owner taking a break in the lane way

Dodgy and dirty lane way view

View from George Street down Temperance Lane

Temperance lane next to RM Williams

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Anna said...

My goodness - it's a wonder you found this place! Interesting menu :)

Laura said...

I love finding hidden treasures. this place looks fantastic.

might have to go on an adventure

OohLookBel said...

I've wondered why there were so many people scuttling down that laneway... Nice find!

Jim said...

I know that dodgy lane well. It didn't even have a name until about three years ago.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

john@heneedsfood said...

What a great little bar! The food sounds interesting as well

Anonymous said...

Errrrr, you spoke about the location, the food, the ambience ... but what about the drinks? Surely that's the raison d'etre of a bar review, no? Gobsmack'd

MsCritique.com said...

Wow, great find. Finally a lil' Melbourne in Sydneytown!

Simon Leong said...

hi ladybird, i don't think i would have without the other blog reviews help but i'm glad i know where it is now.

hi laura, i think there's plenty more hidden treasures to be found.

hi bel, i think they were either doing a drug deal or going to this bar for a drink ;-)

hi j bar, that's very interesting to know. i'm sure there's some great history of Sydney to be revealed with all these lane ways.

hi john, i hope to try the food in due course. i think from first blog accounts that it's supposed to be pretty decent.

hi gobsmack'd, hehe you're quite right but i didn't have a chance to have a drink because was just passing by and was already full to the brim from free drinks at the Slip Inn Full Moon Party earlier in the night http://simonfoodfavourites.blogspot.com/2010/05/slip-inn-free-singha-beer-full-moon.html but will definitely be revisiting when i get a chance to check out the drinks menu and pricing for a Gin & Tonic :-)

hi MsCritique, we have a few lil' melbourne style bars popping up each month it seems in Sydney but we're still a long way behind and I'm not sure if we'll ever catchup. i think we're more a pub culture at the moment but there's a definitely a market for plenty more small bars — especially in dodgy lane ways, as long as we don't get mugged at the same time.

Sarah Winehouse said...

Hah, I've spent many good times in back laneways with restaurant/bar owners. Will drop by this place sometime thanks!

Simon Leong said...

hi sarah, hope you enjoy your visit. i hope to check it out again when i get a chance to do a more thorough review of the drinks and food available. :-)

jpilearn said...

I have been there for both dinner and drinks. The chef does a mouthwatering lamb dish and to die for pistachio and chocolate tart (Both were recommended to us by the lovely waitstaff). As for the ambiance - I am a lover of all things vintage and just love the chic feel of the downstairs bar as well as the mismatched decor. Their collection of tea cups and old school collectable spoons are pretty cool as well. I will agree about the dodgy laneway - the first time I went, I too was scared of getting mobbed so I was glad I was with a friend. I will be back with a group of friends as soon as I can! Foodlover

Simon Leong said...

hi stcjp, thanks for the recommendations. it's always good to know what to order next time i visit. i think the second time visiting will always feel safer now as I know what to expect at the end of the laneway now. :-)

Miss Feathers said...

I loved Grasshopper. I only got the chance to go there last night, and was lucky enough to get a spot where you felt like you were actually in the kitchen! The head chef passed us our meals and happily explained the dishes that we were eating. The Salmon and the Steak au Poivre are a must! Also, if they have the raspberry souffle on the specials board when you visit, it's a must. It's such a great venue for a date, after work drinks or a large gathering (so long as you get there early to mark out a corner). Finally, Sydney has great, interesting places for us to go to.

Simon Leong said...

hi miss feather, glad you checked it out and liked the food. thanks for the recommendations. i'll have to remember them if i get a chance to revisit :-)

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