02 June 2010

The Flinders Hotel: Sydney's first dive bar, Darlinghurst (22 May 2010)

63 Flinders Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Bar diving on Flinders

Over more than twenty years I’ve noticed The Flinders Hotel has undergone more makeovers than a drag queen performing at StoneWall and these days its latest incarnation is aiming to be a New York style dive bar. Almost anything goes in the decor ranging from stacked Aussie retro beer cans, random carvings on the wooden bar top, kitsch memorabilia, graffiti and even a very naughty cheerleader poster promoting self gratification. There’s vintage washing basins in the old skool boys toilet and an aptly named cubicle with 'POOVILLE' graffited on the wall. Vintage glass light shades provide nice ambient lighting and every possible nook and cranny seems to be filled with mostly weird and crazy objects to amuse the patrons.

I used to think Pocket Bar was the most indy and grunge style bar around but The Flinders Hotel will now make it look pretty tame. There seems to be a no name signage policy outside except for a phone number and a large Cold Beer flashing neon sign which for some reason reminds me of Moe’s Tavern in The Simpsons. Apparently upstairs will soon be reopened to serve drinks and food which will have it’s own intriguing and creative theme to be decided — I can’t wait to revisit and check it out. At moment bar food seems to only consist of Sausage Rolls ($5) or Jaffles du juor ($3/half) — I wonder if 'du jour' has been misspelt on purpose?

Other reviews of The Flinders Hotel:

PROS: Interesting decor and atmosphere, drinks were about the usual inner city prices without being too exorbitant, Open til late
CONS: Won't be everyones cup of tea, limited bar food at the moment
MUST TRY: Revisiting when upstairs is reopened

Bar, lighting and decoration

Thursdays free life coaching notice — is that for real?

Beer stacking feature sculpture

Naughty cheerleaders

Bar menu

Carvings in the wooden bar top



Anonymous said...

I can't wait to revisit the Flinders - looks wonderful! Many a happy/weird memory there - dancing in the back bar like a maniac back in the mid90s... those were the days! Gobsmack'd

Ms Darlinghurst said...

Haha great post! Love it, can't wait to check out Flinders again, it's been a while. Any word on when the upstairs is opening?

Ms D

Sarah Vino said...

Did you know they have Boobs for Bubbles?? You (or a female) flash your boobs to the bartender for a free glass of champagne (or probably sparkling) :)

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi gobsmack'd, many happy dancing memories for me too. their music back in the 90s was always good but that podium just got too crowded at times ;-) hope you enjoy your diving visit.

hi ms darlinghurst, when i was there i think they said it was happening pretty soon, perhaps only weeks away so i might already be open?

hi sarah, no way. i haven't heard about that. it was dark though so perhaps i didn't see a sign advertising it or i didn't look like i had the right chest to show off hehe. i'll have to investigate although it does sound sort of wrong and possibly against the law but in a dive bar perhaps anything can happen ;-)

Mystery Bruises said...

this looks awesome

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi Mystery Bruises, hope you had a fun night? did you try the jaffles? i'm hoping someone tries them so they can tell me what they're like and if they're worth getting? :-)

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