02 June 2010

Caffé Due Mondi: Hot chocolate and raisin toast, Chifley Plaza, Sydney (4 Feb 2010)

Shop F6, Upper Ground, Chifley Plaza
Chifley Square, Sydney NSW 2000

Fast service, good hot chocolates

Ever since Bacco opened downstairs in Chifley Plaza I think Caffé Due Mondi has had some stiff competition in the coffee and cake trade. Also I remember they had a really young friendly guy on service who remembered the names of most of the regular patrons and what they ordered and since his departure I think they struggled a bit but this year they seem to be getting busier so they must be doing something right. Their prices are decent, food is good quality and service is efficient. There's a few no fuss quality pre-made sandwiches to choose in the window display and I think I've tried them all — my favourite is the Chicken Schnitzel on Turkish Bread followed by the classic Ham and Salad when I don't have much time for lunch. For a quick breakfast pick me up I love their thick sliced raisin toast ($2.20) and hot chocolate ($2.50) which doesn't need any sugar — I think they use a chocolate syrup which makes them great.

PROS: Quick service; Decent coffees, hot chocolate, raisin toast and reasonably priced quality pre-made sandwiches
CONS: Peak times can get busy for ordering
MUST TRY: Buttered raisin toast, Hot chocolate

Buttered Raisin Toast $2.20 and Hot Chocolate $2.50


Anh said...

Simon, you must work in this area right? :P My Sydney office is very near by. Came here quite often.

Sarah Vino said...

Wow been a while since I had raisin toast now mmmm...

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi anh, it's pretty much my regular breakfast stop if i didn't get a chance to eat at home. you might have noticed the simple lunch time take away meals too. i had a pasta once and it was quite yummy. i haven't tried their take away salads though, have you? :-)

hi sarah, i love a good raisin toast which isn't overly buttered and isn't too thin. these guys seem to do it right for me :-)

Michelle said...

Their sandwiches are great! Order them all the time. I have been to Bacco a few times but find the staff very rude. A number of us in our office won't go to Bacco because of the attitude! Due Mondi are always so friendly. Great service, fast and great tasting coffee and sandwiches.

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