03 August 2010

The Victoria Room: Performance Carnival on Sundays, Darlinghurst (13 June 2010)

Level 1, 235 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Tasting plate of Burlesque

Everytime I visit The Victoria Room I'm in awe of the lovely decor and lighting in this high ceiling bar and restaurant. If you visit on Sundays you'll be treated to Performance Carnival from 6 pm which includes complimentary entertainment by an eclectic mix of local artists and musicians as they showcase their unique talents. You can book a table in the restaurant area or sit and stand around near the bar area and get closer to the action. Tonight patrons were treated to very talented burlesque performers including a male pole dancer with Christmas fairy lights wrapped around him.

The Cheese plate ($29) comes with three cheeses of the day and a range of breads and crackers. Perhaps a bit pricey but the cheese is good quality. For a more substantial offering the Tasting Plate Hot ($26) comes with grilled chorizo, spicy chicken skewers, prawn and chickpea fritter, Argentinean calamari and pan fried haloumi. The haloumi is one of my favourites on the plate along with the tasty calamari.

Other visits to The Victoria Room:
13 June 2010 - Performance Carnival, Cheese plate, Hot tasting plate
30 Mar 2010 - 'High Tea at The Victoria Room' book launch
11 Sept 2009 - Prawn & Chickpea Fritters, VR Sparkling

PROS: Free entertainment on Sundays, Beautiful decor and setting
CONS: Gets very crowded and sometimes hard to see depending where you stand or sit, Some seating in the restaurant is quite low and uncomfortable
MUST TRY: Checking out other Sunday nights

Cheese Plate $29

Tasting Plate Hot: Grilled chorizo, spicy chicken skewers, prawn and chickpea fritter, Argentinean calamari, pan fried haloumi $26


Restaurant seating and decor

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Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

I'll never forget the first time I ever saw a burlesque show. It will remain locked in my memory forever!

Looks like you had as much fun as I did!!

Richard Elliot said...

You do seem to love your burlesque! I've put off ever since seeing an absolutely dreadful show in Vegas a couple of years back.

They food looks like pretty small portions for the money.

I like The Victoria Rooms and need to go back soon.

Ms Darlinghurst said...

Looks like a great night. Love Victoria Room...best cocktails (espresso martini=yum!!)

xxMs D

Jim said...

It's been ages since I've been to the Victoria Room. I did not know about the shows there.

Sarah Winehouse said...

Oh my God I can't wait to go!!! Love Burlesque!!

Simon Leong said...

hi maria, i hope it was a good memory.

hi richard, that's a pity you saw a terrible show. burlesque is supposed to be better than that. what made it so bad? hopefully you'll give it another chance.

hi ms darlinghurst, the expresso martini sounds great. i'll have to remember for next time. i actually haven't tried any of their cocktails, only the house sparkling.

hi j bar, i think the shows are a recent thing with the bar.

hi sarah, a good burlesque show is great. i loved it when it's creative and funny as well.

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