03 August 2010

WeightWatchers: Double Choc Sundae (1 August 2010)


Like a McDonalds sundae

For that little sweet treat after dinner I've been really getting into WeightWatchers Sundaes of late. They're pretty yummy and fairly low in fat although I do worry how much sugar is in them. Nevertheless the Double Choc flavour would have to be my favourite, it reminds me of a McDonalds sundae and it has some solid chocolate layers along with some runny chocolate as well. My next favourite flavour would have to be the Cookies & Cream.

PROS: Tastes great and low in fat
CONS: Addictive
MUST TRY: Double choc sundae

Double Choc Sundae


BGDino said...

Hmmm maybe I'll have to try the double choc. The caramel one is pretty good too.

Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said...

Ooh they actually look really yummy! I always avoid weight watchers products - ice creams especially - as most of them are full of artificial sweeteners :(

Laura said...

All the ingredients scare me

Simon Leong said...

hi BGDino, i think i've tried the caramel one as well and like it too.

hi kristy, it's a shame about the artificial sweetners if they have them. i prefer all nature if possible.

hi laura, it's not as scary when you don't think about it but i know what you mean.

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