13 February 2011

The Beresford Hotel: $5 pints and $10 cocktails, Surry Hills (13 Feb 2011)

354 Bourke Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Everyday happy hour

Drinks can be expensive in Sydney but generally there's Happy Hour specials in most pubs as long as you're there at the right time. The Beresford Hotel offers $5 Pints, Wines and Basic Spirits between 5 – 7 pm which I think is pretty good value considering the area and the nice decor and seating available to chill out. Today they had some reasonably priced cocktails for $10 which were all carefully made by the bar staff and didn't seem to skimp on alcohol content. The Negroni ($10, usually $14) looks pretty empty in its glass although was pretty much all alcohol, flavours balanced well as a nice stiff aperitif. The Kir Royal ($10) equally good and I'm thinking you'd be hard pressed to find a cheaper version around. The Bloody Mary ($10) was noticeably spiced up with tabasco and pepper and if you like them I think you'll probably like this version — I think the glass was rimmed with paprika. The Margarita ($10) comes in a tumbler rather than the usual cocktail looking glass and there's no skimping on the Herradura blanco Tequila and Cointreau its shaken with.

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13 Feb 2011 - $5 pints, wines and spirits and $10 cocktails
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PROS: Nice decor and seating, Reasonably priced drink specials, Large beer garden, Gay Friendly (especially Sundays)
CONS: Can get pretty crowded in the outside area when it's a nice day
MUST TRY: The restaurant one day

Negroni ($10), Kir Royal ($10)

Bloody Mary ($10), Margarita ($10)

$10 cocktail menu

Pint of beer ($5 special between 5 – 7 pm)

$5 Pints, Wines and Basic Spirits between 5 – 7 pm

Front bar seating

Outdoor seating

Restaurant seating


joey@FoodiePop said...

Must try the restaurant here one day, especially now it's part of the Merivale group. It's changed chefs so many times in the last few years.

Anonymous said...

Great deal for drinks!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - my car is famous and made your blog !!!! I parked in front of the Beresford while I did some Sunday night shopping at Woolies. Have you been to the new Elysium yet at the Spot? I am giving it a few weeks to sort out any potential teething issues.... From B

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi joey, hope to try the restaurant as well. seems to be very popular every time i go by.

hi lateraleating, it helps to be able to have twice as many :-)

hi anonymous B, is it the mid blue one that's half illegally parked ;-) i actually went to a special launch night of Elysium last night to sample some of their bar menu. review to come soon but hope to revisit on a normal night to try other dishes :-)

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

The negroni and bloody mary don't look right at all... :S The latter doesn't look like it has tomato juice!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi tina, the bloody mary definitely had tomato juice but perhaps it's my photo :-)

susan said...

yum I would love a margarita right now! Did it take long for the cocktails? I always find when cocktails are reduced price it always takes forever to get them..

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi susan, actually i don't mind it when they take a little bit of time to make the cocktails. it usually means they're making them well. if it was too fast then i'd wonder if they're skimping on ingredients. i don't like lining up though for a long time so that's usually the part that takes the longest when it's busy.

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