04 April 2011

Somjit Thai: More than your average fish cake, Surry Hills (23 Mar 2011)

316 Bourke Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Nice take on fish cakes

Somjit Thai was established in 2003 by Ben and Gayle Kanchanapume as a tribute to Ben's mother, Somjit Kanchanapume. Somjit is the inspiration behind Ben's passion for Thai cooking and many of the traditional recipes at Somjit Thai.

I fondly remember trying the Fish cake ($8.20, 4 pieces) many years ago at this cheap and cheerful Thai restaurant and was pleasantly glad to see they’re still serving them up the same way. They’re nicely presented with a tasty sweet chilli dressing topped with cucumber, carrot and coriander. They look a lot more appetising than your plain looking fish cake served on its own which many Thai restaurants seem to do. The Pad Kra Prao ($9.50) of stir fried tofu with thai basil and chilli with mixed vegetables packs quite a chilli kick which is thankfully diffused a bit by the Jasmine steamed rice ($3 per serve). I noticed soft shell crab on the menu which I hope to try next time — I can’t stop myself when I see this dish on a menu. The seating is clean and basic and sitting outside might be a little scary being so close to Taylor Square but there’s a handy bottle shop, albeit expensive, across the road if you’re in need of a BYO.

PROS: Reasonable prices, Tasty dishes, A decent variety of menu choices
CONS: No air con so can get a little warm and stuffy inside, Not the safest area in town so watch your bags outside, Limited seating
MUST TRY: Fish cake, Other dishes on the menu

Fish cake ($8.20, 4 pieces)

Pad Kra Prao: Stir fried tofu with thai basil and chilli with mixed vegetables ($9.50)

Jasmine steamed rice ($3 per serve)

Laminated menu — tough, durable and easy to keep clean

Table water promptly brought out without asking

Service counter and specials board above

Meet Mr Chilli Plant in the window — I wonder if they're used in the kitchen, they look hot!

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Dumpling Girl said...

I love a good fish cake :)

joey@FoodiePop said...

Stir-fried tofu looks tasty.

Esther said...

I tried this place a few weeks back and thought it was a bit greasy for my liking.

I didn't get to to try the Fish Cakes though...think I'll have to give it another shot. I think it also might be better for eat-in rather than take-out. Wish they had thai iced tea...every good thai place should!

susan said...

Oh I came here once years ago, when I used to work in Surry hills. Good to see it's still going strong.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi dumpling girl, me too. i remember Prasits Northside on Crown St made excellent ones but they're no longer around :-(

hi joey, stir fried anything is always tasty hehe

hi esther, definitely better when you eat in. take away doesn't work for quite a few dishes when it starts getting soggy. wish they had thai iced tea too but i haven't tried that before.

hi susan, seems to be a stayer.

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