12 June 2011

Young Alfred: Italian, Customs House, Circular Quay (11 June 2011)

31 Alfred Street, Circular Quay NSW 2000

Vivid Sydney quick bite

Even under a wet sky Vivid Sydney was still enticing a steady stream of visitors to see its light sculptures, Sydney Opera House projections and visually warming Fire Dance. I discovered the viewing platform above Quay was a great vantage point and along the upper level of the Overseas Passenger Terminal. Customs House had some cool facade projections and within was a handy location for a bite to eat at Young Alfred. Pizza was a quick and easy choice to share and the Martha ($26) came with Shaw river buffalo mozzarella, tomato & basil. A nice thin base although the slightly hard base wasn't cut particularly well making it a bit of an effort to cut with a knife and fork. I think it could have benefitted from more mozzarella and slightly more melted to cover up some of the very plain tomato paste.

The Silician green olives, aged parmesan cheese ($9) was good albeit a bit pricey like the pizza but I guess you're paying for the location in a very touristy spot. Drinks aren't cheap either with a Lemon Lime Bitters ($5.80) and Coca-Cola ($5.80) served in a small glass at a premium price. Service at first was friendly and attentive but when it came time for the bill it was amazing how it seemed to suddenly become non-existent. After waiting for a while I decided to go up to pay for the bill at the counter where a couple of waitstaff continued to have a social chat and not concentrate on the job at hand — sorry no tip this time.

PROS: Handy location for a Circular Quay casual eat with nice decor
CONS: Expensive, Service was a bit of a hit and miss, Pizza unfortunately wasn't cut properly — a bit of a pet hate of mine
MUST TRY: Perhaps other pizzas on the menu but I'm doubting I'll need to return soon

Silician green olives, aged parmesan cheese ($9)

Martha pizza - Shaw river buffalo mozzarella, tomato & basil ($26)

Knife and fork needed to cut through the slightly firm base

Lime Lime Bitters ($5.80)

Table setting

Seating and decor

Ground floor Customs House

Interesting Male and Female toilet doors

Vivid Sydney

Customs House

Large crowd even in the wet weather

Fire Dance video

Fire Dance show

Sydney Opera House light projections

City skyline view from Overseas Passenger Terminal

Buildings lit up

Light sculpture outside MCA

Circular Quay

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Jasmin said...

A friend is a manager at City Extra at Circular Quay and the rental prices around the area make up a large proportion of their costs, at least 60% of their operational costs I've been told and so prices definitely reflect that. I try and avoid eating around the area unless it's somewhere I really want to try because of the prices.

Shame about the service. It's something that really can ruin a lovely evening.

Great photos though, I think that there was definitely some additional atmosphere watching the lights in the rain.

Simon Leong said...

hi jasmin, that's a good point about the rental prices hence the expensive menu :-)

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