21 July 2011

The Red Door: Bar, Surry Hills (11 Feb 2011)

65-67 Foveaux Street,
Surry Hills, 2010

Nice place for a sexy drink

For a special after work drink The Red Door offers a relaxed and cosy atmosphere to enjoy a fine wine, cocktail or decently made gin and tonic. The Bellini white peach puree and prosecco ($16) is about what you'd expect to pay and my Hendricks with fresh cucumber ($11) comes with a nicely fashioned single ice cube. The 2009 Fairbank Rose Bendigo ($10) is good and my Tanqueray 10 with fresh pink grapefruit ($11) is a good match and something I haven't tried before. I always try to follow a bartender's recommendation for what goes with particular gin. I'm thinking they should know better than me and if they don't then it's time to move on to another bar. I'd be happy to return and perhaps check out the restaurant upstairs which looked pretty nice. Prices are more expensive than your stock standard bar but the decor and ambience is also above average and the bar staff seemed pretty switched on and focused on good customer service.

PROS: Nicely made gin and tonics, Intimate and cosy atmosphere, Nice romantic décor, Friendly service, Ideal for a romantic rendezvous
CONS: More expensive than your average pub and bar, Awkward spacing issue in mens toilet
MUST TRY: Revisiting to try the restaurant upstairs or bar menu
DAMAGE: $48 for two (drinks only)

Welcome to The Red Door

Bellini white peach puree and prosecco ($16), Hendricks Gin & Tonic with fresh cucumber ($11)

2009 Fairbank Rose Bendigo Vic ($10), Tanqueray 10 Gin & Tonic with fresh pink grapefruit ($11)

Bill $48 for two

Cute menu illustrations

Vodka and Gin menu

Bubbles of trouble

Wine by the glass

Bar seating and decor

Bar service area

Restaurant upstairs — looks quite nice although haven't tried the food

Very awkward access to cubicle next to wall urinal — precarious and unfortunate tight squeeze if someone is standing there


Dumpling Girl said...

I love that discreet, but not so discreet red door. Looks like a great place for after work drinks.

Simon Leong said...

hi dumpling girl, definitely a nice place to chill out after work for a drink :-)

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