23 July 2011

Taste Test: Piranha Chicca Chips (12 July 2011)

17 Elizabeth Street, Campsie NSW 2194

New chips with flavour bite

Thanks to Piranha for providing me samples of their new Chicca Chips to taste test. The chips were met with positive feedback. I made everyone try them in ascending order of flavour and spice starting from the plain style Original then Lime & Sea Salt, Italian Supreme and finally the most flavoured Chilli Cream Cheese. I liked the crunch factor and likened them to a prawn cracker. They seemed to retain their crispness for a fair amount of time once taken out of the pack. All the flavours were quite distinctive and matched their description well. I thought the original flavour would lend itself well with some guacamole dip as an entertaining snack.

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PROS: Gluten free, No artificial flavours or colours, No preservatives, 100% Australian owned
CONS: Hard to stop at one
MUST TRY: Dipping the Chicca Chips in a dip like guacamole


Lime & Sea Salt

Italian Supreme

Chilli Cream Cheese

Tasting table

Taste Test feedback:
Liked It: 13 people
Love It: 5 people

Taste Test comments

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