24 July 2011

Taste Test: Sunshine Meats – Smoked meats, chorizo and bacon (13 Apr 2011)

Unit 8/10-14 Lillian Fowler Place,
Marrickville NSW 2204

Large tasting of smallgoods

Thanks to Jose & Maria Pereira from Sunshine Meats for providing me a huge hamper of smallgoods for taste testing. When you receive 9.462 kg of assorted meats there's only one thing you can do — share it. Their Low Fat Bacon was awarded 3rd place in the NSW at the Australian Bacon Week 2011 and they also take pride in their smoked meats and chorizo. Overall the smoked meats were quite popular which mostly matched their descriptions and were quite moist. The Portguese Chicken had a bit of heat but not as much as expected. The Oven Roast Turkey was probably the least liked and the Double Smoked Ham and Chicken Breast Double Smoked were the most liked. The Lemon Pepper Chicken Breast certainly lived up to its name and distinctive in taste. The Chicken Chilli Chorizo and Portuguese Chorizo Chilli were sampled both cold and cooked. Having it cooked was much preferred. I was expecting them to be more spicy but there was a definite chilli kick. The Chorizo and Chicken Chorizo were more mild on the heat factor but remained flavoursome and juicy after cooking.

PROS: Moist and flavoursome smoked meats available, Chorizo was tasty and remained juicy after cooking, Made in Australia from local and imported products
CONS: You get very smelly hands after cutting up a lot of meat
MUST TRY: Eating chorizo cooked for better flavour

The tasting table

Oven Roast Turkey

Double Smoked Ham

Portuguese Chicken

Chicken Breast Smoked Chilli

Chicken Breast Double Smoked

Lemon Pepper Breast

Chicken Chilli Chorizo

Portuguese Chorizo Chilli

Cooking the Chicken Chilli Chorizo and Portuguese Chilli Chorizo in the Philips Viva Collection AirFryer

Chicken Chilli Chorizo and Portuguese Chilli Chorizo was preferred when cooked

Chicken Chorizo

Portuguese Chorizo

Bacon short cut — 3rd Place winner for Low Fat NSW Australian Bacon Week 2011

Bacon for breakfast

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Michelle Chin said...

The airfryer seems to be a really popular tool these days.

Anonymous said...

You've been busy taste-testing! That bacon looks awesome, I'll try it out soon. LOL on the smelly hands, I agree!

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