02 July 2011

World Press Photo 11 & SMH Photos 1440: Exhibition Opening at State Library of NSW, Sydney (1 July 2011)

Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Capturing the world

The World Press Photo travelling exhibition is always highly anticipated at the State Library of NSW and combined with the SMH Photos 1440 makes it one of the must see exhibitions in Sydney at the moment. It's free and only on until 24 July 2011 so don't miss out. Canon are one of the major sponsors who have branded the events under the Canon EOS Festival of Photography. The well-attended opening event at the State Library of NSW was catered by Laissez-faire Catering which served plenty of tasty canapes. The Prawn canape was my favourite using large, fully peeled and properly deveined prawns. They could have perhaps had a bit more seasoning and flavour but were very easy to eat and satisfying — I think I had to stop myself at six. The Haloumi canape looked good but was very salty and not as moist and juicy as one would hope. The parsley and lemon dressing on top was a good match. The bite-sized Chicken goujons were popular and the Mini Lamb Burgers were flavoursome and moist.

PROS: Free exhibition, Amazing and thought-provoking photography
CONS: Only on for a limited time, Some horrific scenes of death which can be very upsetting to see
MUST TRY: Learning the art of photography from the experts

Prawn canape

Haloumi canape with parsley and lemon dressing

Chicken goujons

Salmon canape

Mini lamb burgers

Hahn Premium beer

Official speech time — a captive audience

World Press Photo galleries

Checking out the winning photo for World Press Photo 11

SMH Photos 1440 galleries

Looking back at the Canon camera models

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Madam Wu said...

Where was my invite? ;) I'm going to head along and see this for sure.

anna said...

love your food blog, very detailed and all the events you go to!!
but could you post UPCOMING events so we can go to aswell??
its great you get to go to the events and post all the wonderful photos and comments but by the time you've posted it up on your blog the events has already finshed?

thanks xx

Simon Leong said...

hi madam wu, unfortunately it was an invite only by Canon/World Press but definitely check it out.

hi anna, where i can i'll try and mention about events that are coming up which can be attended by anyone eg http://simonfoodfavourites.blogspot.com/2010/09/free-event-establishments-10th-birthday.html but many times they are special events like this one which are unfortunately invite only so I wouldn't be able to promote it for people to attend :-( i do have a facebook group called 'Free Exhibition Openings and Events in Sydney' which you might be interested to join where i mention about interesting free events that are coming up in advance. but i understand what you mean about hearing about events after they have finished which can be frustrating. i quite often hear about great events and festivals that have happened as well. there's so much going on in Sydney it's hard to keep up with it all.

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