11 July 2011

TLP Studios Photoshoot for Game Farm new recipes: What goes on behind the scenes, Redfern (20 May 2011)

45 George Street, Redfern NSW 2016

Tricks of the trade

Thanks to Georgia Gilson from DEC PR for inviting me along to a behind-the-scenes look of the photoshoot for Game Farm's new recipes. It was nice to meet the photographer George Mourtzakis and food stylist Janet Mitchell to see what goes into making a great food shot. It's quite funny to see how the stage for the food is pretty basic and perhaps a little chaotic but the final photograph crops into what's most important. I was expecting to see crazy food styling tricks of maybe hair spray and paint being used for sauces but everything that had been cooked and photographed could have also been eaten afterwards, albeit a little cold. Props and lighting played a bit part in making sure the final photo looked good plus of course the expertise of the team at hand to know how to achieve the best results for their client.

These potatoes and chicken look pretty damn yummy

Staging for lighting


Final composition for photo

Fashion shoot in the next room at the same time while things are being cooked

Concept sketches for food shot

Lots of plating options on standby — many bought from op shops I believe

Food makeup!

Previous recipe book for Game Farm

Checking the composition

Photographer George Mourtzakis adjusting the colour of the light reflection for the shoot

In the kitchen

Ironing board for napkins and table clothes

That fly on the egg better not be in the shot ;-)

Layout and testing

Pre testing arrangement shot

Food Stylist Janet Mitchell preparing pie with a few extra fresh peas and carrots so they look nicer than the cooked ones

A final light adjustment

Final composition for photo

If you're curious to know how to debone a quail then check out the demonstration video below


muppy said...

how fantastic, that is really interesting. i cooked game farm quail recently and loved it, didn't know they had a cook book.

GenerationFood said...

Wow it looks like there is so much work involved! But the pies look really good!

Cath said...

I would love to be a food stylist!! Anyone know how to get into the industry? What sort of study/training would be required?

Zina @ tastedbytwo said...

Wow, great post, very insightful. It would've been fun to tag along and watch :)

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